• Nearly 70% of men say they wish they received more compliments from their partner.
  • A study found that the smell of oranges makes you want to spend more money.
  • A survey by Wakefield Research finds that 92% of women say a smile is the most important accessory a bride can showcase on her wedding day.
  • Charging their phone costs the average person 60 cents per year.
  • Close to 18% of women pray before they step on the scale.
  • A survey reveals that 15% of women confine themselves to their office during lunch to avoid shopping.
  • 51% of people who have a sunroof or convertible top have never used them.
  • 25% of married people say if they won the lottery, they would get a divorce.
  • 25% of people say this is the first thing they do when they get home from work. What is it? Turn on the television.


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