Floral Design Day --

Your favorite flower is blossoming with secrets about your personality. Take a walk down the garden path, and once you decide "this bud is for you," check what your selection discloses about you. "Your favorite flower is a reflection of your feelings and personality," explains Dr. Elayne J. Kahn, author of "1001 Ways to Reveal Your Personality."

You're a traditionalist at heart. Just as there are many varieties of this flower, you also enjoy variety in you life. You're loving and compassionate -- and strong-willed when you need to be.

You're neat, organized and get along well with all kinds of people. Reliable, kind, and outgoing, you enjoy family, friends and fun get-togethers.

You're cheerful and filled with zest for life. Your vitality gives you a love of travel and a desire to visit new places.

You're free-spirited and view life as an adventure. Routines bore you. You live for the moment, taking each day as it comes, and make friends easily.

You're sturdy, independent, dependable -- and born leader. But beware -- you have a tendency to take on more than you can handle.

You're positive, upbeat and practical. Like the large bloom, you're always noticed. People love to visit and appreciate your warm, welcoming nature.

Black-eyed Susan
Fans are trustworthy and traditional. A self-starter, you're someone a boss can depend on. Volunteerism and community activities enrich your life.

Sweet peas
You're carefree and don't take life too seriously. Yet you are careful not to overindulge -- and appreciate variety in your daily routines.

Admirers are fashion conscious and enjoy and color and style -- people notice you. You have a lot of talents and enjoy being helpful.

You make a great friend. You're loyal, helpful, easygoing and pleasant, and others truly enjoy your company.

You're quiet but warm and affectionate -- with an abundance of friends and admirers. Your home is always open to them and you delight in their company.


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