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Nicole Scherzinger Has the Best Response After Paula Abdul Confuses Her With Shakira at 2020 Super Bowl. Things got a little awkward on Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday. Before the 2020 Super Bowl kicked off on Sunday night, music legend Paula Abdul tweeted about how excited she was to watch Demi Lovato perform the National Anthem and Jennifer Lopez and Shakira take on the Halftime Show. The since deleted tweet included photos of the "Cold Hearted Snake" singer posing with Lovato and Lopez, respectively, as well as a shot of her and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell posing with Nicole Scherzinger. There were no photos of the "Hips Don't Lie" singer in the tweet, which was captioned, "Can't wait to watch these amazing women perform at the #SuperBowl #DemiLovato @jlo @shakira xoP." Scherzinger, thinking Abdul mistook her for Shakira, responded to the star's tweet and said, "I mean, my hips don't lie... but I'm not @shakira babes." It's not clear if Abdul mistook Sherzinger for the Halftime Show headliner or if she merely included the photo of her, Cowell and the Pussycat Dolls alum because they're holding footballs in front of a Pepsi background in the shot. (Pepsi sponsors the Super Bowl Halftime Show.) But The Masked Singer star appears to believe Abdul mixed them up. (The two singers previously served as judges together on the U.S. version of The X Factor.) Regardless of the apparent Twitter snafu, Scherzinger had quite the night! Following the Kansas City Chiefs' win at the championship game, season three of The Masked Singer aired its premiere on FOX. And it ended with the identity of the Robot being revealed. Turns out, it was Lil Wayne! All of the show's panelists -- Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Sherzinger and special guest Jamie Foxx were shocked by the reveal. For her part, Scherzinger incorrectly guessed that the Robot was boxer Floyd Mayweather. McCarthy thought it was Johnny Knoxville, and Foxx similarly thought it was Steve-O. One thing's for sure, neither the robot nor Scherzinger are Shakira. (Eonline)

Brian McKnight is honoring his late friend, Kobe Bryant, with a new song that's guaranteed to get you crying all over again over the passing of a Los Angeles legend. Be warned ... The R&B crooner wrote a tune specifically dedicated to Kobe -- and by extension, to the basketball star's daughter, Gianna -- called "Can't Say Goodbye." We got a video of Brian playing it on guitar, and it's incredibly touching and sweet. Check it out for yourself ... but again, waterworks. In the video, Brian says he wrote the song ... but can't really take credit, because it wrote itself. The lyrics touch on saying other versions of "goodbye" without actually uttering the words themselves because it's just too hard and so final. Frankly, it's beautiful. We're told, Brian put this together in the hopes that it will help people begin to heal from the loss. Of course, Brian and Kobe had a relationship. The NBA superstar was once featured on one of Brian's songs back in 1997 called "Hold Me." KB had a rap verse on it toward the end. He's also a huge Lakers fan in general and included a ton of footage of Kobe in a tribute video he put together to honor the City of Angels. That track's called "I Love LA." With all that said, it's no wonder the death of Kobe has affected Brian the way it clearly has. No word if this song will make its way onto an album of some sort, but we expect it'll reach the masses eventually. In the meantime, enjoy it here. (TMZ)

How Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Honored Kobe Bryant During the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira showed up and showed out on Sunday night. The dynamic duo commanded the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, as soon as they stepped foot on stage to perform during the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. And as expected, both artists shut it down as they both played their iconic hits. During Sunday night's epic performance, the two superstars took a moment to honor the late Kobe Bryant, who died exactly one week ago. The NBA legend, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others all passed away due to a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Calif. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in the middle of J.Lo's set, she and her 11-year-old daughter, Emme, performed "Let's Get Loud." While the moment certainly wowed the crowd and everyone else sitting at home, eagle-eyed fans noticed that a large cross illuminated on the field. The colors purple and gold also lit up, which was an homage to Kobe's longtime basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Ahead of the kick-off, the NFL also paid tribute to the late star. The stadium's large screen displayed an image of Kobe and his teenage daughter with a message that listed the people who passed away last Sunday. In addition, a moment of silence was held for the victims of the crash and players stood on the 24-yard lines. On Thursday, both Shakira and J.Lo promised to deliver a special homage to the Lakers star. "I think we will all be remembering Kobe on Sunday," the Colombian singer said during a press conference. "We'll be celebrating life, and celebrating diversity in this country." Lopez chimed in, recalling the moment she and Alex Rodriguez learned about the heartbreaking news. "Alex came to me with tears in his eyes, and he's like, 'You're not going to believe what happened.' He was devastated. He knew Kobe really well," she explained. "I knew Kobe and Vanessa more in passing. He had come to my last show in Vegas -- the both of them -- as a date night and we had a beautiful night that night." "I think of how awful that must be for her right now," she continued. "I've just been praying that God guides her through every moment because she has three more babies to take care of and just wishing that the nightmare was over but it's not going to be. That's life and we have to carry on. But at the same time, it affects us and it will affect us forever." At this time, the helicopter crash is still under investigation. (Eonline)

Shakira's Tongue Was the Real MVP of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Cat's got our tongue! On Sunday night, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took us to church with their unbelievable performance at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. The two Latina legends hit the stage for their highly-anticipated show, which truly exceeded everyone's expectations. After the dynamic duo brought out Bad Bunny and J Balvin, the crowd went wild over their surprise appearances. In fact, J.Lo hit the stage with her 11-year-old daughter, Emme, who sang a duet of "Let's Get Loud." And while people were wowed with Shakira and Lopez's respective performances (and outfit changes), it was the "Me Gusta" singer's interesting tongue gesture that really stole the show. During her melody of her hits, the Colombian singer moved her tongue so fast that memes erupted. "No one: ... Shakira: LELELELE," Padma Lakshmi quipped on Twitter, alongside an emoji with the tongue sticking out. A fan joined in on the fun, writing, "explain this shakira," alongside a video of the moment. The NFL memes account also chimed in and shared, "Greatest moment in Super Bowl history." We'd have to agree. Another fan expressed the greatest sentiment. "If you didn't watch the superbowl this is all you have to know," they said. However, it appears the tongue gesture Shakira did was part of traditional Zaghrouta, which was a nod to her father's Lebanese culture. Many pointed it out online. "You really have to understand how huge Shakira's performance was for the Middle Eastern community,' one user shared on Twitter. "She had belly dancing, a mijwiz and a derbeke, performed "Ojos Asi" which was one of the few Shakira songs to have Arabic in it, did a Zaghrouta, all love on the biggest stage." Another person wrote, "This is called zaghrouta. It is a way to express joy or happiness in Arab culture. Elements of it can also be found in other cultures even as far as music in the Balkans." Along with her homage to her family, this halftime show performance meant a lot to Shakira. "I've always wanted to perform at the Super Bowl," she told Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 last October. "It's like the holy grail of the entertainment industry. It's a sports event, but it has huge relevance for us artists, and I think it's going to be fantastic." She added, "This is going to be an event to celebrate Latin culture and the importance of women also in the industry." (Eonline)

Super Bowl Fans Are Comparing Demi Lovato's National Anthem Performance to Whitney Houston's. High praise! On Sunday night, Demi Lovato kicked off the 2020 Super Bowl by treating fans to a spectacular performance of the National Anthem. While most musicians attempt to make the classic patriotic song there own, Lovato went a step above the rest and really owned her moment in the spotlight. So much so, that fans are taking to the internet saying that her rendition may be a tie with late singer Whitney Houston. Houston's 1991 performance is widely considered to be one of the best National Anthem renditions of all time. Any top ten list in the world decidedly points to Houston as the gold star standard when it comes to how high the bar is set for one of the biggest night's in sports every year. So, is it possible that at just 27-years-old, Lovato's performance is could have been history making for the musician? The fans sure seem to think so. Soon after Lovato left the field, the internet exploded with comparisons between she and Houston. "Best rendition of that since Whitney Houston did it. Love Demi Lovato," one excited fan tweeted out. Another fan said it best, "I must say... Demi Lovato just made second best of all time behind Whitney Houston singing this damn anthem. I'm not arguing with nobody about it." There is no doubt that this performance was a dream come true for Lovato. In fact, nearly 10 years ago, the singer tweeted out that this performance was a goal of hers. "One day, I'm gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl," the message read from Feb. 7, 2010. "Onnnee dayyy...." It looks like that day has finally arrived! 2020 is shaping up to be the year of Demi Lovato, and we're so here for it! (Eonline)

Why Miley Cyrus Says Vocal Cord Surgery Was a 'Gift'. Miley Cyrus is speaking -- well, singing -- out after undergoing vocal cord surgery in late 2019. The singer kicked off February with a video update on Instagram, giving fans a peek into her post-surgery vocal exercises. "No No No No No more wall squat vocal rehabilitation exercises! (cool trick get another muscle to fire so your throat is distracted, it takes the pressure off your chords and doing this against a wall also helps keep the chin and neck parallel/ back so you have less strain and pull! )," she wrote alongside the clip in which she's seen singing while squatting, all with a smile. Her "cool trick" doesn't exactly look easy, but it turns out all that hard work is making her vocal ability even stronger than it was before surgery. "everything is soooo divine these days (and ALWAYS. sometimes just harder to stay aware of the magic)," Cyrus explained. "I'm finding my vocal surgery at the end of last year to be a gift, made me take time to really hone my craft! Watch out!" (Billboard)


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