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Common wants people to get off Jay-Z's back for revealing he was NOT protesting at the Super Bowl ... and instead, focus on the genuine good he's doing to help his community. We got Common Wednesday at LAX and asked why he thought some critics were ripping Hova's explanation for sitting Sunday -- with Beyonce and Blue Ivy -- during the National Anthem. He says it was absolutely NOT a protest ... silent or otherwise. Common tells us Jay's stuck between a rock and a hard place cause it's clear he's never gonna please the masses. But, he does offer a piece of advice to those who wanna shade Jay -- the man's work speaks for itself. He says it should be clear the rapper/mogul has good intentions based on his efforts. For instance, Jay's Roc Nation produced one of the most diverse groups of artists to perform at the Super Bowl. He's also part of a passionate effort demanding prison reform due to deadly violence in Mississippi. Those are just the things known to the public -- Common says there's a lot more Jay does outside the spotlight ... and that's why he's willing to take him at his word that he wasn't taking a stand. (TMZ)

Lenii Embraces the Skeletons in Her Closet in 'Regular 10' Video: Exclusive. Rising Irish pop star Lenii premiered the darkly comical music video for her new single "Regular 10" on Thursday (Feb. 6), exclusively with Billboard. The visual finds the singer-songwriter, born Ellen Murphy, spilling her woes to a doodling therapist (who she also plays) before the action jumps inside the proverbial closet, as she's surrounded by the frenetic skeletons from her past. "Had a dream again that my 12-year-old self is disappointed in me, but generally/ I'm doin' well, can you tell? I'm a regular 10/ Met some strangers and called them my friends/ But I know I'm not the only pretender/ Lying under pressure, sayin' I've got my s--t together," the Cork-born artist warbles on the first verse before abruptly transitioning into the rapid-fire spoken chorus. "This song is the best example of [my] EP's theme," Murphy tells Billboard of the inspiration behind the track. "It's all about pretending you're doing great, or looking like a '10,' when you're actually hiding all the parts of your life you're not proud of. "I was feeling particularly gloomy the morning I wrote this," she continues. "I felt like such a mess, looking at my friends on Instagram all appearing to do so well. And then I thought, 'This is bulls--t,' because I know half of them are messes too, and there's probably someone looking at my Instagram thinking I'm killing it." "Regular 10," she concludes, "Is about how funny and sad it is that we're all just keeping up appearances." The bop serves as the lead single of Lenii's In All Fairness... and follows "Crave U," her recent collaboration with up-and-coming DJ-producer Zack Martino. (Billboard)

Future's not about to let his son be put through the legal system with some government-appointed briefcase -- he's getting the best attorneys for the kid and has his back 100%. Sources close to the Future tell TMZ ... the MC and his baby mama are well aware of their oldest son, Jakobi, getting recently caught up with the law down in Georgia ... but they're already knee-deep in working on his case, including funding his defense. Jakobi was arrested in a gang bust down in Georgia last month ... where he's reportedly facing charges of criminal gang activity, trespass and the altered ID of a firearm. He was allegedly found in possession of a gun with the serial number scratched out. The kid's 17 years old, BTW, but could face up to major time behind bars if he's convicted because GA tries 17-year-olds as adults. In the court docs, he reportedly listed himself as indigent and in need of a public defender, but we're told that ain't gonna happen. Future's definitely got the dough to help his son, and we're told he absolutely intends to by hiring the best lawyers to be there for his own flesh and blood. Dad's covering legal fees. Jakobi's mother, Jessica Smith, tells us she and Future have been on top of this legal matter, as they're actively involved in his life. She adds, "Our son is a minor and to protect his well-being in this trying situation, we ask that everyone please respect our privacy at this time." (TMZ)


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