"Madonna Planning World Tour at Hospitals!"
Trash! But it might be one way to guarantee she'd show up.

"Man Looking for Keys in Couch Finds 6-foot Boa Constrictor!"
Truth! It happened in Rose Hill, Kansas, and Butler County Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Linot who removed the snake said, "You could handle him real easy. He was very gentle, very docile."

"New Study Says Most Men with Luxury Cars are Jerks!"
Truth! Published in the Journal of International Psychology, the study finds: "Self-centered men who are argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and un-empathetic are much more likely to own a high-status car such as an Audi, BMW or Mercedes."

"Iowa Says They'll Have Caucus Results By November!"
Trash! C'mon, they won't be THAT late. Halloween at the latest.

"Georgia Fires Entire Class of State Troopers!"
Truth! All 31 Georgia State Patrol troopers were fired after officials discovered widespread cheating on their entrance exam. The disciplinary action involved a 2019 training academy class and DPS Commissioner Col. Mark McDonough said, "It's a punch in the gut."

"Man Pokes 12,000 Holes in a Chicken Egg!"
Truth! It was Turkey's Hamit Hayran - that country's number one egg carving artist. Yes, there is such a thing - and he just set a new world record for the most number of holes carved into a single chicken egg.

"Tesla Invents Solar-Powered TV Remote Control!"
Trash! They tried to do it, but then you couldn't watch TV at night.

"Oscars Will Have Their First Robot Inventor!"
Trash! If you don't remember Anne Hathaway from last year. She was pretty robotic.


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