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It's only a matter of time before someone turns Kobe Bryant's story into a major Hollywood blockbuster ... so says Ron Howard who says the guy had a life fit for the big screen. Howard is one of the most powerful people in the movie industry -- he recently worked closely with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade for a new documentary that's about to drop. So, we had to ask if he'd consider working on a Black Mamba project at some point down the road and Howard says he's definitely intrigued. "If given the opportunity under the right set of circumstances, sure. Without a doubt," Howard said. One of the biggest issues surrounding a possible Kobe movie is the timing -- Ron says working with the family would be crucial, but they're still reeling from the tragedy and need to grieve before jumping into a movie. Ron says whoever ultimately tells Kobe's story needs to be especially sensitive about that. Besides being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Howard says Kobe was a great guy, an emerging artist and a promising entrepreneur who was about to do some BIG things before his tragic death. As we previously reported, Kobe was a part-owner of the UFC, was deeply involved in the tech industry and was making big moves in entertainment after winning an Oscar for his animated short film "Dear Basketball." RIP. (TMZ)

Bruno Mars Teams Up With Disney to Star in Music-Driven Movie. Disney's getting a little bit of 24K magic! Bruno Mars has set a deal with Disney that will give him the opportunity to develop a music-themed theatrical feature that he will not only star in, but also produce. The details of the project are being kept hush-hush, but according to Deadline, the project will include all original music created and performed by Bruno. The musician took to his Twitter on Thursday to reveal the historic honor in a way that only Bruno Mars can. "If your heart is in your dream No request is too extreme When you wish upon a Star #MarsMeetsTheMouse #ImGoingToDisneyland #YESSS!!," he wrote alongside him playing the tune on a piano. Let's just say, he seems as excited to make the project as we are to see it. Bruno is a highly successful recording artist with 11 Grammy Awards and 27 nominations, but it looks like he might be going for Oscar gold too in the near future. Although Bruno has dabbled in film before, he appeared in Honeymoon in Vegas and was a featured voice in Rio 2. So, this is his first foray into starring in a feature film. But fans have nothing to worry about! Bruno is an all-around performer who knows how to put on an epic show. Disney seems to be kicking off 2020 with a bang. The studio announced earlier this week that they would be teaming with Lin-Manuel Miranda for a movie based on his hit Broadway musical Hamilton. "Disney presents: Hamilton," he wrote alongside all the major details. "With The Original Broadway Cast. Filmed onstage at The Richard Rodgers Theatre. In A Theater Near You. October 15, 2021." We could all use a little more Disney magic! (Eonline)

"Are You Laura Dern?" Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser Sees the Similarities in 'Marriage Story'. Famed family-law attorney Laura Wasser reflects on the similar fashion and design aesthetics between her and the actress' Oscar-nominated character as she points out how her professional tactics differ. Maybe it was the similar Christian Louboutin pumps or the posh Century City office. But almost immediately after Marriage Story was released, celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser of Wasser, Cooperman and Mandles was flooded with calls and emails from people who noticed likenesses to Laura Dern's take-no-prisoners divorce lawyer character, which garnered her an Oscar nom. "People were asking, 'Are you Laura Dern?' " recalls Wasser. The similarities were not by chance. Wasser represented Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach in his 2010 divorce from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, so he had seen the lawyer in action. And, a few years later, Wasser and Baumbach each had a son enrolled at the same Los Angeles private school. The director approached Wasser to see if his production designer could scout her Century City law offices, and he ended up shooting in the building as well. Wasser also represented Dern in her 2013 divorce from Ben Harper. Before Marriage Story came out, the lawyer says the actress gave her a heads up about the resemblances, cautioning that she shouldn't take the characterization personally as it was an amalgamation of a few family lawyers. "She's disingenuous and she's aggressive," is how Wasser describes Dern in the film. She notes that before the onscreen split of Nicole and Charlie Barber (Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver) got ugly, the pair hadn't wanted to use lawyers -- and that's something Wasser encourages. "My entire career is based on problem solving, not crushing my opponent. One of the reasons I created an online dispute resolution tool, 'It's Over Easy,' is to make it easier for people to be masters of their own destiny rather than bankrupting themselves at the hands of attorneys who make money from prolonged conflict." (Hollywood Reporter)

Adam Sandler laughs off Oscar snub after win at Independent Spirit Awards. Adam Sandler may have been snubbed by the Academy, but, just like when he lost his high school yearbook superlative for "best looking" to some "feather-headed douchebag," he's taking it all in stride. "Tonight as I look around this room, I realize the Independent Spirit Awards are the best personality awards of Hollywood," he said to wild applause at Saturday's indie gala. Employing one of his trademark silly voices, Sandler continued, "So let all of those feather-haired douchebag motherf--kers get their Oscars tomorrow night. Their handsome good looks will fade in time, while our independent personalities will shine on forever." Accepting the award for Best Male Lead, the "Uncut Gems" star also poked fun at collaborators Josh and Bennie Safdie, who won Best Director for A24's crime thriller, Ted Sarandos, the Netflix executive whom Sandler had to get "stoned," and "Uncut Gems" producer Scott Rudin. "The person who shared my life, my home, my laughter, my tears -- Scott Rudin," he quipped of the veteran producer. "Two years ago, Scott said the words that would forever change my life. 'No, those aren't homeless rabbis, those are the Safdie brothers.'" In closing, Sandler thanked his wife and kids for ultimately convincing him to make "Uncut Gems." He also paid tribute to the low-budget films that turned him into one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. "Independent films have been a big part of the Adam Sandler ecosystem," he began. "From my first film a fearless look in the American education system through the eyes of a privileged sociopath by the name of Billy f--king Madison to my searing exploration of American college foosball and it's manipulation of socially challenged athletes like the Mr. Bobby Boucher, I have tried to sell my truths with a truly independent spirit, while also cashing some truly disturbingly large paychecks." (PageSix)


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