On this date in 1784, the very first U.S. daily newspaper began publication in Pennsylvania. Finally, people had something to wrap their fish guts in.
I think it was called "13 States Today."
Finally, newspaper carriers had something to deliver! Their first ad was for "All Colonies Insurance: the goodeth hands people."
By the way, for our younger listeners, a newspaper is news printed on paper.

In 1792, the French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy. They decided to get rid of the head of their country by getting rid of the head of the head of the country.

On this date in 1893, a horseless carriage, believed to be the first gasoline-powered automobile built in the U.S., was taken for a short test drive in Springfield, MA.
First, we went horseless. Soon, we'll be driverless.
It was the only time a car salesperson said, "You won't find another one like this" that it was true.
Needless to say, traffic was light.

In 1897, the New York Sun ran its "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial in response to a letter from 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon.
Which sparked more responses like, "It's September. Why you bringing that up now?"
Hard to believe an entire state doubted he existed.
The letter was in response to a little girl's letter, in which she asked, "Why do the Christmas sales start earlier every year?"

In 1930, Johann Ostermeyer patented his invention, the flashbulb. All those years of flashing finally paid off.

On this date in 1937, "The Hobbit" was first published. After 80 years, critics still downplay the importance of the book, but as you know, old Hobbits are hard to break.

In 1954, the nuclear submarine "Nautilus" was commissioned. Critics called it, "Nautilus, but nice."

On this date in 1970 that "Monday Night Football" debuted. Wow, 48 years ago. Of course, we all know it was a dismal failure. Oh, wait, I was thinking of the TV show "Captain Nice." My bad.


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