Alexander the Great was born on this date in the year 356 BC. He was considered one of the greatest leaders of all-time until Oliver Stone got a hold of his story.

On this date in 1519, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan began what became the first successful circumnavigation of the world.
Even though some people were opposed to circumnavigation. Oh, wait. No, they were opposed to... uh, I'll stop there.
Although, there were some people who didn't believe in circumnavigations. Lots of people don't realize that the world was circumnavigated.

In 1797, the U.S. Constitution was launched in Boston harbor. It was given the nickname "Old Ironsides," years before former attorney general Janet Reno had it.

On this date in 1859, a patent was granted for the electric range.
In the inventor's words, "Now we're cookin'."
Needless to say, the people at Stovetop Dressing were thrilled beyond words.
Of course, they had to a wait a few years for electricity to become available, but it sure looked nice in the kitchen.
It's not to be confused with the electric driving range. Completely different.

In 1884, the Equal Rights Party in San Francisco nominated Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood of Washington for president. Interesting that a woman ran for president 133 years ago when women couldn't vote. She blamed the loss on Bernie Sanders' great-great grandfather.

On this date in 1951, a jet crossed over the North Pole for the first time. Most of the elves thought it was just one of the reindeer with a gas problem. Strangely, several pieces of luggage ended up at the South Pole.

In 1976 Playboy magazine released an interview in which Democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter admitted he'd "looked on a lot of women with lust." Of course, he never acted on anything... just like the four years when he was president. A very young Bill Clinton commented, "Been there, done that."


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