Attention ladies. The kind of food a man eats tells what he's really like. That's the claim of neurologist-psychiatrist Dr. Alan R. Hirsch in his book for finding a mate, "What's Your Food Sign? How To Use Food Clues To Find Lasting Love." After barraging 800 subjects with a battery of tests and grilling them on their favorite eats, Hirsch discovered that food preferences reveals personality and can predict compatibility.
  • Take breakfast and sex. Men who gobble grapefruit in the morning are sexually expressive and aggressive, while donut eaters are repressed. Fruit loving guys are optimistic, but strawberry eaters have an insecure streak.
  • Hirsch says women can put spice in their lives if they pick the right herb. Garlic, sage and saffron eaters lack confidence; parsley, paprika and basil lovers are easygoing, and curry, chili powder and cayenne sprinklers are logical and frugal.
  • Fun foods are also telling. Pizza lovers are perfectionists, taco munchers are risk-takers and spaghetti eaters are pessimists. Eaters of French fries are thoughtful.
  • As for dessert, ice cream can also reveal personality. Lovers of chocolate ice cream are self absorbed, vanilla appeals to the needy and butter pecan eaters stand up for principles. When it comes to making it, chocolate chip nibblers are the most likely to climb the ladder while rocky road fans are best at enjoying the fruits of their labor.


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