What is the most misspelled word? Well, that depends on where you live. People in Maryland have trouble spelling "special," while those in Louisiana get hung up on "giraffe." Google has helpfully (or embarrassingly?) figured out which words give us the most spelling trouble -- state by state. To do this, the tech wizards looked at all Google searches of "how to spell (fill in the blank)" generated from every state and the District of Columbia. The word that appeared in the blank most often from each state was crowned as that state's most misspelled word. The most misspelled words, state by state, according to Google searches:
  • Alabama: pneumonia
  • Alaska: schedule
  • Arizona: tomorrow
  • Arkansas: Chihuahua
  • California: beautiful
  • Colorado: tomorrow
  • Connecticut: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Delaware: hallelujah
  • District of Columbia.: ninety
  • Florida: receipt
  • Georgia: gray
  • Hawaii: people
  • Idaho: quote
  • Illinois: pneumonia
  • Indiana: hallelujah
  • Iowa: vacuum
  • Kansas: diamond
  • Kentucky: beautiful
  • Louisiana: giraffe
  • Maine: pneumonia
  • Maryland: special
  • Massachusetts: license
  • Michigan: pneumonia
  • Minnesota: beautiful
  • Mississippi: nanny
  • Missouri: maintenance
  • Montana: surprise
  • Nebraska: suspicious
  • Nevada: available
  • New Hampshire: difficult
  • New Jersey: twelve
  • New Mexico: bananas
  • New York: beautiful
  • North Carolina: angel
  • North Dakota: dilemma
  • Ohio: beautiful
  • Oklahoma: patient
  • Oregon: sense
  • Pennsylvania: sauerkraut
  • Rhode Island: liar
  • South Carolina: Chihuahua
  • South Dakota: college
  • Tennessee: chaos
  • Texas: maintenance
  • Utah: disease
  • Vermont: Europe
  • Virginia: delicious
  • Washington: pneumonia
  • West Virginia: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin
  • Wyoming: priority


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