Automakers are said to be getting closer to the point where you'll be starting your car with your fingerprint.

Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said Bill Cosby's star won't be removed because it "does not remove stars from the Walk of Fame" because they "are intended to be permanent."

An 897-square-foot home is for sale in Palo Alto, California, for $2.59 million.

Starting in January, Dunkin' Donuts is dropping the word Donuts from its name.

A new study by researchers with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and several universities and science centers has pinpointed the causes of Earth's imperfect spin, or wobbling called "polar motion," and they found that humans are contributing to it.

Johnny Galecki will appear on "The Conners" and Juliette Lewis will play his girlfriend.

And Weight Watchers is changing their name to....WW!

The divorce rate has actually gone down, thanks to Millennials getting married... and staying married.

Michael Kors is buying the Versace brand and will keep on Donatella to run it. Only cost him $2.1 billion.

The company that owns Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby's is buying Sonic!

SNL's Pete Davidson said he gave up social media because not everyone liked his whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande. He was even getting death threats.

Pete also said his sobriety lasted three months, but is now a regular pot smoker.

Smart home research from Parks Associates finds that U.S. broadband households are buying additional smart devices as more purchase channels open to them-16% of U.S. broadband households own two or more smart home devices. According to 360 View: Smart Home Buyer Journey and User Experience, smart thermostats are the best-selling smart home category.

Police confirm that a tour bus carrying British singer Gary Numan struck and killed a 91-year-old man in Cleveland Monday afternoon.

Overruling Trump administration officials, a federal judge in Montana has reinstated legal protections for grizzly bears living in and around Yellowstone National Park and blocked planned hunts in Wyoming and Idaho.

The third season of "The Crown" is being filmed in London as we speak. Insiders say that Queen Elizabeth has been watching the series, but was particularly upset with episode 9 of season 2, when they were deciding where Charles should attend school. "She was particularly annoyed at a scene in which Philip has no sympathy for a plainly upset Charles while he is flying him home from Scotland.

A GoFundMe account for Gilligan Island's star Dawn Wells raised over $195,000, which she will use to pay off medical bills.

Warner Brothers has hired Mel Gibson to direct a remake of "The Wild Bunch."

A pair of candlesticks that Trump once owned are being sold for $6,000.

Eight million people will cut the (cable TV) cord during 2018.


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