On this date in 1845, the very first baseball team was organized.

Well, there had been previous teams, they just weren't organized.
Of course, there was no one to play until the second baseball team was organized, so I would think that would be the more historically-significant day.
They had a 145-0 season until the next year, when a second team was created.
In 1852, a new invention, the dirigible, was introduced for the first time.

Eventually, they got the nickname, "blimps", which is a good thing for Blimpies. They were this close to be called Dirigiblies.
Critics called it just a bunch of hot air.
Finally, something that could fly over a football game during TV coverage. Now to invent football and TV.
If it weren't for the dirigible, Led Zeppelin probably would have been called something else.
Up until then, large objects filled with gas only ran for public office.
The response was overwhelming and the inventor said, "It's going to be a good year." The name stuck.
In 1895, a woman began the first round-the-world bicycle trip. It took her 15 months. The toughest part was having to go around all those "No Peddlers" signs.

On this date in 1968, "60 Minutes" debuted on CBS-TV. They've taken that one-hour show and made it last 50 years... not to be confused with sitting and talking with Joe Biden for an hour, that will seem to last 50 years.


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