Exactly three months from today is Christmas Eve. Just saying.

Ross Matthews, better known as Ross the Intern, turns 39 today. That scraping sound you hear is the bottom of our birthday barrel.

Former baseball player and Viagra spokesman Rafael Palmeiro turns 54 today. Let the AARP junk mail continue.

Nia Vardalos who gave us "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" turns 56 today. She also gave us the sequel, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2," but we gave that one back.

Football Hall of Famer "Mean Joe" Greene turns 72 today. He's still kind enough to give a kid a bottle of Coke, but then immediately afterwards, yells at him to get off of his lawn.

National Punctuation Day -- There are fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name half of them? In addition, 28 percent of mistakes on business correspondence relate to punctuation.


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