Phillip Phillips, who won season 11 of American Idol, turns 28 today. That was also the year he won the Most Redundant Name Award.

Gunnar and Matthew Nelson both turn 51 today, so they're now a combined 102. Ever notice how much they look alike? Does anyone still remember their 60's rock star dad Ricky? How about mom and dad, 60's sitcom stars Ozzie & Harriet?

Kristen Johnston, who was on "3rd Rock From the Sun," also turns 51. No wonder she's always confused with Gunnar and Matthew. Still not convinced she's one of us.

Sophia Loren turns 84 today. Is Sophia one of those names where you've never known an ugly Sophia? In her day, she was all that... and a little extra. My favorite Sophia Loren quote: "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got."


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