On this date in 1796, President George Washington published his farewell address. Of course, that was in the days before zip codes. But he did ask that all of his mail be forwarded there.

In 1849, the very first commercial laundry began in Oakland, California. It was also where the first laundry-dancing TV show was filmed, "Dancing with the Starch."

On this date in 1883, New Zealand became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote.

Men were relieved to be able to share the blame on who was elected.
This led to the slogan, "Yes, Kiwi Can!"
Like my grandfather always said, "Let them share the blame!"
Hey, when it comes to election results, why not share the blame?

In 1888, the world's very first beauty contest held in Belgium.

It guaranteed that this year's winner was much prettier than last year's.
It's also when the phrase, "Nice waffles!" was coined.
There was quite a scandal when one of the contestants showed a little too much wrist.
Being the first one, there were some uncomfortable moments, especially when the guys came out for the swimsuit competition.
The judges had a hard time deciding who should win, inspiring the phrase, "Belgium waffle."

On this date in 1957 that the U.S. conducted it's first underground nuclear test. It was a bomb.

In 1984, West Germany banned leaded gas, effective in 1988. Yes, there was a time when we put lead in the gasoline. That was back when there was a West Germany and an East Germany.


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