Over in Delhi, India, a husband has been left unable to speak after his enraged eight-month pregnant wife bit off his tongue when he tried kissing her during an argument. The 22-year-old man had to be rushed to the hospital and treated for heavy bleeding. The wife was subsequently arrested after telling police that she was unhappy with her married life as well as her husband's unattractive looks, so she couldn't control her rage anymore. The victim's mother claims they couple had been fighting for the last year. They had been married for two years, during which time they often quarreled, pretty much over everything. It's not clear who called the police, as the young man is still unable to speak due to his injury. In fact, he had to give the police a written statement. As for the eight-month pregnant woman, she remains in police custody and stands accused of "causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means". (Oddity Central)

The President's Ride

President Trump has a new ride - a brand-new presidential limo that NBC News calls "an unprecedented level of security." The 20,000-pound, $1.5 million limo, built by General Motors to look like a stretched version of a Cadillac XT6 sedan, is believed to use a heavily modified platform from GM's heavy-duty Chevrolet Kodiak truck and to have 8-inch thick walls and 5-inch, multilayer windows. A mix of steel, aluminum, and ceramic armors are meant to fend off different types of attacks. And in case of a biochemical attack, well, the car is sealed to protect against those, too. Its doors weigh as much as those on a 757 jet, and it has run-flat tires inside its almost bus-sized wheel wells. Plus there's a night vision system, door handles that can be electrified to shock anyone trying to get inside, and the ability to fire tear gas, lay down an oil slick, or deploy a smokescreen. Among its many communications technologies is the ability to dispatch the nuclear codes. Oh, and in addition to the seven seats it has inside to make sure Secret Service members can surround the president, it also contains a bunch of medical supplies-including a refrigerator full of blood matching Trump's blood type. Its nickname: The Beast! And let the jokes begin! (NBC News)

Teacher Fired For Giving Zeroes!

You might say teacher Diane Tirado was literally fired for nothing. The 52-year-old says West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie, Fla., let her go when she refused to give students a half-credit for handing in nothing. Apparently the school has a policy of not giving students zeroes. Per the school handbook, the lowest possible grade is 50%! Tirado left students a message on a school whiteboard: "Bye Kids, Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life! I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in. [heart] Mrs. Tirado." The 17-year teaching veteran says she'd given her 8th-grade US history class two weeks to finish an explorer notebook project, but several students didn't hand anything in. That's when she learned about the school's "no zero" policy. So Tirado says she asked school officials what to do, and was told, "We give them a 50." And she said, "Oh, we don't. This is not kosher." But she was still fired Sept. 14 without cause, which the school can apparently do because Tirado had just started teaching there in July and was still in her probationary period. Of course now a media storm has started so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Something says Ms. Tirado gets her job back. (CBS 12)

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat... or the NRA

A group of American nuns has won a second victory in their battle to force gun manufacturers to do more to prevent gun violence, convincing shareholders of American Outdoor Brands - formerly known as Smith & Wesson - to require the company to report on what it's doing to advance gun safety. On Monday, Sister Judy Byron, who introduced the resolution during Tuesday's virtual shareholder meeting, said she was not sure if the political will to hold gun companies accountable had dissipated in the seven months since the Parkland shooting. The approval of the resolution suggests that concern over gun violence - and shareholders' worries about what long-term impact America's escalating mass shooting problem might have on gun companies - is holding strong. The nuns bought stock in the company so that as shareholders they'd have the right to propose the resolution. The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, which announced that the measure backed by the religious groups had passed, did not have immediate information on what percentage of shareholders voted to approve it. A spokeswoman for American Outdoor Brands did not respond to a request for comment. (Yahoo News)

You'd Think the Preacher's Wife Would Make a Good Baby Sitter

You'd think the preacher's wife would be a pretty safe bet for a babysitter. You'd be wrong if you're talking about 31-year-old Jennifer Bunting English of South Carolina. She and her preacher husband, 33-year-old David English, are behind bars on separate charges after Jennifer allegedly kidnapped a 2-month-old baby while babysitting for the infant's mother. According to a press release from the Laurens County Sheriff's office, English was babysitting when she disappeared with the child, and cut off all communication with the mother. When deputies caught up with English, they discovered she had been smoking marijuana around the infant prior to their arrival. During the course of the investigation, deputies discovered that her 33-year-old husband and preacher David English, was aware of his wife's drug addiction and admitted to helping obtain illegal drugs in the past. Deputies also learned that David English had assaulted his wife earlier that week, causing "significant injuries." David English was been charged with domestic violence, second degree, and unlawful conduct toward a child. His wife was charged with kidnapping. (WSRZ)

Axe-Throwing Bar Deemed Unsafe. Imagine That!

Hard to believe but Hub Stadium, an Auburn Hills, Michigan bar that features ax-throwing lanes, had its liquor license and permits suspended by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for one day in order to develop new safety procedures and precautions. It seems the commission had several problems with the bar including:
Patrons throwing axes at bottles of spirits, consuming shots from the bottle that was not struck, and a message displayed on the video stating: "Who said don't mix alcohol with axe throwing?"
A person bouncing an axe off the floor to hit the target.
A person flipping the axe in mid-air and catching it with the other hand before throwing the axe at the target.
A person throwing two axes at once. Three people identified in the video as coaches throwing axes at one target at the same time.
A person dropping and catching axes behind his back before throwing two axes at the same time at a target.
A person attempting to balance feet on a strap, walking barefoot (tightrope style), carrying and tossing an axe at the target.
A person juggling two axes before tossing them at the target.
(Michigan Live)

What the What?

In Provo, Utah, 41-year-old Jerrod William Baum is in jail accused of brutally killing a young couple and dumping their bodies down an abandoned mine shaft. And apparently he loves the telephone. According to a recently unsealed affidavit filed in 4th District Court, "Baum has made over 1,000 phone calls" since being incarcerated. Even though both parties are informed "that the calls are recorded and monitored by law enforcement," Baum has allegedly been discussing the murders with others - and in great detail. Most of the calls placed by Baum were to a woman who allegedly lives in Missouri and Baum reportedly has been discussing many specific details of his killings. The case carries a possible death sentence if convicted, though prosecutors have not said yet whether they will pursue that. (KSL News)


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