A deluxe 50th-anniversary edition of The Beatles 1968 self-titled double-album known as "The White Album" will be released on November 9. The set features the record's original 30 tracks, newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell in stereo and in 5.1 surround audio, as well as an additional 27-seven early acoustic demos and 50 session outtakes, most of which have never been released.

Hollywood producer Gary Kurtz has died following a year-long battle with cancer. Kurtz was a key collaborator with George Lucas in his early filmmaking career, with Kurtz producing American Graffiti, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Kurtz was 78.

It was nice to see Tiger Woods win on Sunday at the PGA Tour Championship.

Carrie Underwood is the first female country artist to have four number one albums at the top of the all-genre charts with "Cry "Pretty, according to Billboard.

Several major Game of Thrones sets in Northern Ireland are going to be converted into tourist attractions.

Michelle Obama was the officiant for a wedding on Sunday in Chicago. It was for the daughter of the Deputy Mayor.

Major oil trade houses are talking about the possibility of $100 a barrel oil again in the near future.

James Woods has been silent on Twitter, and it's not by choice. The actor has been locked out of his Twitter account months after he tweeted a hoax meme in July. The tweet was found to be in violation of Twitter's rules. Woods tweeted a meme that encouraged men not to vote, purportedly created by Democrats.

So, when Harry and Meghan got married back in June, what was the "Something Blue" the bride wore? Meghan arranged to have a piece of blue fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Harry sewn into her wedding dress.

Melissa McCarthy is actually getting Oscar buzz over her new movie, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" in which she plays Lee Israel, a struggling biographer who found financial success forging letters of dead celebrities.

In the UK, an all-Christmas movie channel has launched, with 13 weeks to go.

Some words have been added to the official Scrabble dictionary that will help make it easier to get rid of your letters, including RBI, OK and EW!

J-Lo suffered a fall during her Vegas show Saturday night, but got right back up and kept performing.

They're saying that after a brutally hot, dry summer that caused a potato shortage in Belgium, France and the UK. French fries in Europe could become an inch shorter.

A Michigan mother was arrested for stealing her teenage daughter's cellphone as a form of discipline.

Long Beach State University is dropping their 49er mascot and removing the statue of Pete the Prospector from their campus, because they've decided that the 49ers encroached on the land of California's indigenous people. Their new mascot is the 1949er, in honor of the year the school was founded.

Robert Redford says it was a "mistake" to say he was retiring from acting.

University of Colorado's mascot Chip the Buffalo was carried off the field after a t-shirt gun malfunctioned and shot him in the abdomen.

Ego Nwodim, whose first name is pronounced like "Eggo waffle," is joining the cast of "Saturday Night Live" for their 44th season and will replace featured player Luke Null, who left the cast this year after only one season.

Al Pacino is dating Israeli actress Meital Dohan. He's 78, she's 39. Yes, half his age.

The 2020 Olympics are in Tokyo, and I saw that Japan wants to light the Olympic Torch with a flying car.

North and South Korea say they want to host the 2032 Summer Olympics together


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