You can be successful in the dating game by learning to read the body language of the opposite sex and making sure you send out your own romantic signals.
Tips for men:
  • If a woman at the bar looks directly at you, waves daintily and gives you a big smile, it usually means she'd like you to come introduce yourself. If she waves frantically at the bouncer and then points to you, you should leave immediately.
  • If your date smiles pleasantly and sits in a relaxed position while talking to you, it's a good sign she is enjoying your company. If she clutches her stomach and makes retching noises when you suggest going back to your place, you should probably call it a night.
  • If, at the end of the evening, she hands you a note with her phone number, she definitely wants to see you again. If she hands you a restraining order, she probably doesn't.
  • If your date keeps her palms up while talking to you, it means she's open, friendly and warm. If she places her palms on your chest and tries to shove you into the gutter, it means you still have work to do.
  • It's a bad sign if your date keeps too much distance from you, such as by vanishing into the bedroom with some old guy with a fistful of cash or by running into the street and jumping into the first car that slows down.
  • You'll know you've found a sharing, caring gal if she offers to split her 12-pack of beer with you, without even being ask.

Tips for women:

  • When you see an interesting looking man across the room, you can get his attention with a smile and a wave. If he doesn't seem to understand your signals, simply yell loudly: "Hey! You and me! Right here, right now!" He'll appreciate your directness.
  • Enjoying his company? Let him know by smiling and lightly touching his hand during conversation. If you're bored and want to cut the evening short, flash your breast at the guy at the next table.
  • Other good ways to signaling that it's not working out include: guzzling your drink until you fall face down onto the bar; yawning repeatedly; and making rude bodily noises just as he's about to say something sensitive and personal.


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