Nicole Richie turns 34 today. She earned her fortune the old-fashioned way -- by being best friends with Paris Hilton.
Luke Wilson -- I always get him confused with his brother -- turns 44.
Faith Hill turns 48 today. I'm reminded of the old country song, "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me?"
Don Felder turns 68. He's a member of The Eagles... but he does occasionally make it to a Kiwanis meeting, too.
Stephen King turns 68 today... unless those twin girls from the 1920s driving a possessed while riding with a devil dog don't get him first. Somewhere along the line, I'm imagining a killer clown entertained at one of his parties.
St. Matthew's Day -- Legend says if there's a strong wind today, it means a warm fall. If there's a loud wind, the guy next to you will blame the dog.


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