( We all develop new appreciation for our moms once we have children. I've also developed new appreciation for my mom's words of wisdom about parenting. Some of her guidance was eye-rollingly annoying at first -- like that it was okay for me to let my baby to cry sometimes. 

What? I couldn't just let her cry; I had to do something. But after having three kids, I've realized her advice is actually, well, really good -- yes, including the advice about crying. So, in honor of Mother's Day, here are five pieces of formerly annoying mom advice that turned out to be so right on, I will pass them down to my own kids one day.

1. This is the best time of your life. My mom used to remind me of this tidbit when I was sleep deprived, formula stained, and so overwhelmed, an unexpected knock at the door could make me burst into tears. But as I watch my babies grow up, I know this time when they are little is so special, so magical, and so fleeting. One day soon I will look back and wish I could experience it all over again. This is the best time of my life, and I try to remember that on tough days -- of which there are many with three kiddos under age six.

2. It's okay for a baby to cry a little. As a first time mom, I would rush to pick up my daughter whenever she made so much as a peep. When my mom saw me doing this, though, she told me I was making a big mistake; I had to let her cry a little sometimes -- she promised me it would help make my baby less dependent and more easy-going in the long run. Flash forward to my third baby, and I can't respond to her each and every whimper, because I have two other tots to care for. My mom isn't surprised that this baby is by far the most easy-going of the three. Should've listened to you sooner, mom.

3. You have to make time for yourself. I used to get majorly aggravated when my mom would urge me to get out more. How could I leave my baby? She was everything to me. Did my mom expect me to just leave her with any old babysitter so I could go grab a drink with a friend? Well, yes. My mom did it all the time with me, and it was her saving grace, she confided. I've come to realize that maybe my mom has a point. Getting out for a run, or an errand, or even a date night once in a while, makes me a better mom. I'm a bit more patient, less stressed, and happier over all. Right again, mom.

4. This too shall pass. I distinctly remember calling my mom in a panic the first time my baby spiked a fever. She was concerned, but assured me that this too, would pass. But that night stretched on forever, and it seemed like we'd never get through it. I just sat there and stared at my baby, fearing the worst. Then the morning came, and the baby was better. A few days later, it was as if nothing had ever happened. It passed, just as my mom said. Now, I try to keep mom's advice in mind when we face a crisis, be it the stomach flu, or a particularly difficult stage, like the terrible threes. It will pass, I tell myself, and of course, eventually it does.

5. You can't be perfect. "I had no idea what I was doing when you were born," is something my mom confessed once. This couldn't possibly have been true, since it seemed like my mom did everything right. Except, as I grow in my role as a mom, I realize that no, she wasn't perfect when I was a kid. She made mistakes. But she did the best she could, which is what I do. I make mistakes all the time! It's how we learn from those mistakes that matters. Oh, and that we manage to convince our kids that we actually know what we're doing day to day!


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