Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Are Married! Couple Reveals They ''Eloped a Bit Ago.'' Surprise! It turns out that Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti secretly tied the knot "a bit ago" after announcing their engagement back in November of last year. The two comedians didn't share much about their wedding day, but the comedian did spill the beans on Late Night With Seth Meyers. During a cute clip with his fellow Key and Peele star Keegan-Michael Key, the two friends were quizzed with trivia about one another. The two also co-star in Keanu, which will hit theaters this coming Friday. "I am married to actress Chelsea Peretti," Peele revealed in the segment, before his pal jokes, "I am not married to actress Chelsea Peretti, we are just dating." Shortly thereafter, the actress took to Instagram to confirm the exciting news by posted a shot of their dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt sitting next to a bouquet and a wedding band. "Eloped a bit ago... our only witness was this lil guy," she wrote as the caption to the shot. The couple began dating two years ago and shared their engagement on Twitter with a short (yet effective!) tweet showing the ring emoji. Congratulations to the new husband and wife! (Eonline)

Glee's Jayma Mays Is Pregnant! Actress and Hubby Adam Campbell Expecting First Child. Jayma Mays is preparing for motherhood! The former Glee star is pregnant and expecting her first child with hubby Adam Campbell, according to Us Weekly, who broke the pregnancy news. No other details regarding the TV star's pregnancy have been disclosed yet. Mays, who is arguably most known for her role as Emma Pillsbury on the hit Fox series, and her acting beau married in 2007 after meeting shortly beforehand on the set of Epic Movie. "We played brother and sister, which is so incredibly sexy," she told Us Weekly back in 2013. "We were very responsible, very professional, but that's how we met. So we got to goof off basically every day together for three months and get to know each other really well, and then we started dating." Along with Glee, Mays is known for her roles in shows such as Ugly Betty, The League, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and How I Met Your Mother, as well as films including Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Campbell has starred in films such as The Five-Year Engagement and shows Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Harper's Island. After nearly 10 years together, Mays credits keeping their spark and romance alive to continuing to do little things for each other. "He makes me coffee every single morning, which I could not live without, so every morning I feel so lucky, and I thank him every day!" In 2013, she gushed about her hubby to The Daily Mail, "I still feel giddy talking about him. He's the funniest person I know, and he's incredibly sexy, which always helps." Congratulations to the lovebirds! (Eonline)

Mia Farrow and her daughter Dylan brought an announcement to TIME's 100 Gala on Tuesday night. Dylan revealed to PEOPLE that she is in fact four months pregnant and looking forward to bringing home a baby girl this fall. She did, however, keep some secrets to herself. "I picked a name, but my husband would kill me if I told you," Dylan added. "He wants it to be a secret." Since this is baby number one for Dylan, 30, grandma Farrow -- who has 14 children and nine grandchildren -- will certainly be helpful. "I have nine grandchildren, but I'm excited about this one," Farrow, 71, told PEOPLE. "So is her husband." As an alumni of TIME's 100 Most Influential People list, Farrow has attended the gala for the last three years. This year, she took the red carpet in a red and black striped blazer, paired with black trousers. Posing alongside her mother, Dylan donned a strapless floor-length, gray gown with an embroidered bust. (People)

What's this?! Chris Martin and Heather Graham have been photographed having a nice little stroll along the beach in Malibu, California. Groovy, baby! But SERIOUSLY - who knew this pair were mates? We certainly didn't. Could they be more than friends? Could this be a romantic date? We have no idea - but we like entertaining the idea. The Coldplay frontman and the 43-year-old Austin Powers actress could be a nice little couple. Heather has been linked to some hot Hollywood types in the past (Matt Dillon, Matthew Perry, and Josh Lucas to name a few), but has never married. But don't worry, she's fine with that! Once saying: "I'd rather be happily single, than unhappily married. I'm having a lot of fun." Atta girl! According to ETonline's eyewitness, the pair left a residence near the beach and walked together for nearly a mile and half before returning to the house. Let's see, shall we? As a final note: What on earth is Chris Martin wearing?! (British Glamour)

Relaxing in the backyard of her charming house in small town Texas, Lara Logan feels very lucky. "I am grateful that I did it," the 60 Minutes correspondent says of leaving behind a hectic life in Washington, D.C. to focus more on her family. "It was one thing after another. It was really hard," she tells PEOPLE in this week's magazine. "But if you can take that many knocks and stay on your feet, you know that you can take just about anything." This time five years ago, Logan, 45, was reporting for CBS News when disaster struck. While covering the Arab Spring demonstrations from Egypt's Tahrir Square, a mob of hundreds suddenly turned on her, and brutally sexually assaulted her. "The road is very long," she says of her recovery. "There is just pieces of you left after that." Then in 2012, while still recovering from the attack, Logan was diagnosed with breast cancer. "I was in a panic," she recalls. "For me, I knew what to do when I was on in Tahrir Square, I had to stand up. When I was on my way home, I had to start rebuilding. When I saw my children, I had to live. Those things were very clear." But when it came to her diagnosis, Logan was at a complete loss. "I didn't know if I was going to live or die, and I didn't know what to do with that." After undergoing a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation, Logan is in remission and refuses to live in fear of the cancer returning. But still, there was more difficulty to come. In November 2013 her60 Minutes report about the attack on Benghazi was found to be inaccurate, and Logan was forced to take a leave of absence from the job she loved. Eventually returning to work, she and husband Joe Burkett, 44, a retired Army master sergeant, made the decision to move with their children (the couple share son Joe, 7, and daughter Lola, 6. Burkett also has daughter Ashley, 11, from a previous marriage) to his hometown in Texas. "It sort of felt like everything was still looming over you, even if it wasn't," says Burkett of their relocation. "I think she needed this more than she knew." Now settled into their new life, Logan who's still passionate about her work at 60 Minutes, has made family her first priority. Shortly before their move, Logan's son was diagnosed with dyslexia (difficulty reading), dysgraphia (difficulty writing), dyscalculia (an inability to grasp basic numerical calculations) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. "I needed to be a mom, and I needed to be the kind of mom that I wanted to be. I'm all in," she says. "I really believe in being there for my kids, and I really believe that I can help Joe learn how to read and write." (People)

Columbus Short, who most recently starred in Scandal, failed a recent drug test, which in turn could result in a probation violation charge in a felony assault case, according to a report. Court records obtained by the Associated Press show Short testing positive for cocaine and marijuana. According to the papers, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge learned about the test results on Thursday and subsequently scheduled a court date for the actor on May 9. In September of last year, Short pleaded no contest to punching a man out at a restaurant in L.A. in 2014 for which he was reportedly sentenced to three years on supervised probation, two months of community labor and anger management counseling. According to the AP, Short did finish his anger management counseling, but has not finished his community labor. Short's rep did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. (People)

Master P's got his own set of 99 problems and wants the judge to know about ALL of them -- including his sick attorney, his freeloading ex and her plans to start stripping. P's divorce war with Sonya Miller is still dragging on, and he recently filed a laundry list of excuses for missing a recent hearing. In the docs, Master P includes an email from his attorney's office informing him his lawyer was laid up in a hospital with an unspecified "medical emergency." He's also dealing with his wife's landlord, who says Sonya jacked some furniture when she bolted out of the house. Master P's stuck in the middle because he's footing the bill, but he agrees with the landlord that Sonya's "actions are irresponsible, disrespectful and unacceptable." And then there's Sonya's potential new job. In the handwritten docs Master P says, "My ex needs help, she told the kids she want to be a stripper." It's unclear if the judge bought any of this, but it's more entertaining than the dog eating his homework. (TMZ)

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer's closest friends were working to save her in the days leading up to her death last week of a possible accidental drug overdose at age 46. According to her manager and close friend Anthony Anzaldo, the former WWE wrestler was overusing a combination of legally prescribed Ambien and a generic form of Valium in recent weeks to treat the anxiety of addressing issues from her past, as part of a collaborative documentary effort called "The Reconstruction of Chyna." "For the first time in her life she was going through therapy and to women's domestic violence groups," Anzaldo told Page Six. "She had just started communication with her family again [after 30 years]." Anzaldo -- who lives near Chyna's Redondo Beach, Calif., home and says he's the one who found her -- claims his friend was "getting out of control" in the days leading up to her death. "I know producers [on the show 'Intervention']," continued Anzaldo. "I needed a machine quickly. If I do my own intervention, it's going to take me eight weeks. If I use them, it's going to take me eight days ... Unfortunately, we were four days into it and she died so we didn't get a chance to pull it off." Nothing had been filmed yet for the show. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Billy Gunn were among Chyna's friends from the wresting world whom Anzaldo had anticipated inviting to the unrealized intervention, which would likely have happened this week. Anzaldo said she was "so peaceful" when he found her. "No vomit, no blood ... She closed her eyes on Sunday night [April 17] and took her last breath. That's not a bad way to go." In addition to the documentary about her life -- which is expected for a 2017 release -- Chyna was "actively pursuing" television and film prior to her untimely death and was organizing a cello recital to showcase her little-known musical talent. (Page Six)

Unless you were born yesterday, you're probably aware of the fact that Kim Kardashian West has her own sex tape with her ex Ray J and that there are rumors that Kris Jenner masterminded the entire release. Well it appears the Queen of the Kardashians may have to deal with her own sex tape very soon as The Sun reports that there's a tape out there of Kris and her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian! New York Times' bestselling author Ian Halperin, has written a biography on the Kardashian-Jenner family and claims that he learned from author Jackie Collins, before her death, that the momager and her ex have some footage of themselves bumping uglies! In an interview, Ian revealed: "The last time I saw Jackie was in spring of last year, at The Grove in LA. I told her I was working on a Kardashian book and she was very excited." Yeah, we bet. Halperin went on to say: "Jackie was infatuated with the Kardashians' success and said if it was not for Kim's sex tape they wouldn't have got a TV show. She claimed the Kardashian family were no strangers to sex tapes and said Robert Kardashian, whose hobby was photography, used to film some of his dalliances and extra-marital affairs on video cameras." Not only that, but the author also revealed: "Recently I learned from a Kardashian source that some of those films still exist and are currently being touted for megabucks in Europe and beyond." Apparently, Jackie and the Kardashian matriarch were pretty close as Kris even shared a touching tribute when the novelist died at the age of 77 last fall. In Ian's book, he also makes the claim that Kim's mom was the one that helped leak and orchestrate the deal for the release of her daughter's sex tape in 2007. What's interesting about the 60-year-old's alleged sex tape though, as Ian explains: "The tape can't be published in the US as it would need multi-party consent." Hmm. The Times writer also added: "But I've learned there is strong interest from both the Germans and the Chinese, who are very keen to pay big money for the footage, even though it's 20 years old." While this is certainly an interesting revelation, we're not sure if this is a sex tape the world really needs to see. LOLz! (Perez Hilton)

Jessica Alba's Honest Company just got sued over its organic baby formula because the stuff is packed with non-organic ingredients not event fit for adults ... according to a watchdog group. In the lawsuit, the Organic Consumers Association says 11 of the 40 ingredients in Honest Brand Organic Baby Formula are 100% synthetic ... including delicious stuff like sodium selenite, choline bitartrate, dl-alpha-tocopherol and phytonadione. Yummm! In the suit -- first reported by the NY Post -- the OCA says "some have not even been assessed as safe for human foods -- much less for infant formulas." Bottom line ... the group thinks the baby food ain't cutting it in the organic world. They just want Honest to be honest ... and drop the "organic" label off the formula. (TMZ)


Yee-Haw! Jenna Dewan-Tatum Celebrates "Country Boy" Channing Tatum's Birthday With a New Rescue Horse. Goodbye Hollywood and hello to that simple country life. As Channing Tatum turned 36 Tuesday, the actor was able to celebrate his milestone with a family vacation away from any cameras. In several Instagram posts, fans ultimately discovered that the birthday boy had the "best day ever" with Jenna Dewan Tatum and their daughter Everly at an undisclosed location near the woods. "Braveheart paint by Evie, new rescue horse named Cajun on a sunset ride," he shared in a video post. "Thanks for all the birthday wishes." When not enjoying a peaceful ride on a trail, Channing was also feeling the love from his leading lady. In several heartfelt posts, Jenna shared how much she loves her hubby in a few candid shots. "'To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.' - Lao Tzu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIFER," she shared on social media. "My country boy." Once they decide to turn home, the talented stars both have some pretty impressive gigs to work on. Together, the couple is producing a brand-new dance competition series for NBC. On the big screen, Channing recently signed onto Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Rumors had been swirling about the sequel for a while until the star made his casting official in the most appropriate way possible. He tweeted, "I'm about to get all up in that golden circle." Until then, both Channing and Jenna will enjoy that "country life." And yes, some tree hugging may be involved after Earth Day. Happy Birthday, sir! (Eonline)

Tina Fey and Husband Jeff Richmond Enjoy Date Night at Broadway Opening of Tuck Everlasting. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on hiatus means more date nights for Tina and husband Jeff Richmond. The couple, who have been married for 15 years, enjoyed a night out together at the opening of Tuck Everlasting on Broadway Tuesday. Fey, 45, dressed in a not-so-basic black dress that was adorned with floral-shaped jewels along the front of her sleeveless LBD. 55-year-old Richmond, who is co-creating the Mean Girls musical with his wife, looked dapper in a black pin stripe suit, pink dress shirt and red tie. Broadway may have been more glamorous than usual for the married couple. The 30 Rock creator and star previously shared that a normal night at home with her husband is mostly "old movies and pee." "We watch a lot of old movies on the weekends. We watch a lot of like Turner Classic movies, which I love," Fey told TV Guide during the Tribeca earlier this month. "I have a poodle that I never trained right. So, at least once a night, I'm doing a Clorox wipe on the kitchen floor." Together the pair have two daughters, Alice, 10, and Penelope, 4. Fey and Richmond first began dating in 1994, after meeting at famed Chicago improv Second City. (People)

Amy Schumer nearly robbed the world of a lot of laughs when she was involved in a gnarly surfing accident. The Trainwreck star opened up about the incident during her bottomless interview for Vanity Fair's May cover story, telling the magazine that a high school surfing session nearly took her life. "I have a pretty bad scar on my leg from surfing," she explained. "Forty-one stitches, three layers. I skegged myself. My whole fin went into my leg, and I had to yank it out. I was by myself." The accident happened during the winter, so Schumer said there was hardly anyone on the beach to help her. After limping her way back to shore, she found a man and asked for some assistance. "I was like, 'I need you to hold my leg.' I was delegating. And he held my leg closed with his bare hands-just fat and blood coming out." She continued, "I wish I knew who that guy was, because he saved my life, for sure. He had blue toenail polish and nail polish; he had long stringy hair. And I remember him being beautiful. Anyway, he held my leg closed." Eventually Schumer's dad came to pick her up from the beach and found her surrounded by a small crowd of onlookers. "I was like, 'That's my dad. But don't get him. He's going to freak out. He's real sensitive. He's going to cry,'" she remembered. But throughout the ordeal, Schumer kept her sense of humor. "People kept putting towels and towels on me. I was like, 'I'm not cold-there's a hole in my leg.' I was making jokes. It took maybe 15 minutes for the ambulance to get there." After she realized she wasn't going to die, Schumer began to fear the prospect of losing her leg. "Now I'm going to have to go and be a speaker at high schools and, like, motivate people," she imaged. "I was so annoyed about my life. I was just like, Ucchh. And then it was fine." (People)

Lee Radziwill felt liberated after the death of her brother-in-law, JFK. Radziwill, 83, the sister of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, tells Vanity Fair, "There were so many things I couldn't do when my brother-in-law was president .?.?. Finally, I'm free." When he was assassinated, Lee was living in London but moved into the White House to comfort Jackie. "But later, Lee confided to [photographer] Cecil Beaton that she 'had gone through hell' trying to help her sister," VF's May issue reports, "even telling Beaton of Jackie after JFK's death: 'She's really more than half 'round the bend! She can't sleep at night, she can't stop thinking about herself and never [feels] anything but sorry for herself!'" Jackie once even "slapped Lee across the face." (Page Six)


Beyonce's Lemonade to Be Submitted for Emmy Consideration. Will Queen Bey extend her reign to TV? Beyonce's visual album, Lemonade, premiered on HBO Saturday. Though it was only available on the premium cable network for 27 hours, it is still eligible for an Emmy. HBO confirmed Monday that it plans to submit the project for consideration in the Variety Special category. Lemonade became available to stream exclusively on Tidal after the visual album debuted on TV. A day later, the entire collection was made available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The visual album's credits list Beyonce, Kahlil Joseph, Jonas Ã…kerlund, Melina Matsoukas, Dikayl Rimmasch, Mark Romanek and Todd Tourso as directors. At this point, it's unclear who will be submitted for Emmy consideration. Nomination voting begins June 13 and ends June 27 at 10 p.m. PT. Nominations for the 67th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced live during a press conference July 14. The 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards will be held over two nights, on Sept. 10 and Sept. 11, 2016, while Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2016 Emmys at L.A.'s Microsoft Theater on Sept. 18. Beyonce -- the most nominated woman in Grammy history -- has been nominated for two Emmys. The 34-year-old "Sorry" singer received her first nod in 2013, for the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show, and her second nod in 2015, for her On the Run Tour concert special with Jay Z. With the Emmys still months away, Beyonce is focused on her Formation World Tour, which kicks off Wednesday night at Marlins Park in Miami. The tour wraps Aug. 3 in Barcelona, Spain. (Eonline)

Beyonce's Dad Mathew Knowles May Know Who the Singer Is Talking About in Lemonade Album. They say parents know best, but does Beyonce's dad know what Lemonade is all about? Just days after his daughter's sixth studio album hit Tidal, Mathew Knowles is speaking out about the headline-making project. He also may have an idea about what some of those juicy lyrics are referring to. "Let me tell you who she's talking about, can I tell you who she's talking about? She's talking about you," he told E! News exclusively. "You put that in context for you personally. She's talking about you and everybody that is you, that's who she's talking about." As for whether or not the 12 new songs are autobiographical, Mathew would prefer to focus on how so many fans can relate to the new music. "I think that's the beauty of her creativity and I think that's what makes it so special, is that it relates to everyone," he explained. "Every one of us have been disappointed before and have had to go through the grieving process of anger and, you know, disappointment and then acceptance and forgiveness. And I think that's why this again is touching so many people, because it's universal. Everybody can relate to it." Those sentiments were echoed by Beyonce's mom earlier this weekend when she watched the HBO film for the very first time. After making some lemonade for herself, Tina Knowles Lawson expressed her amazement at the finished product. "Toast to lemonade?. B worked so hard on this project day and night!" she wrote on Instagram. "It was soo important to her to offer something that would bring about healing and hope to the universe! No matter what you've gone thru in life you can always come out on the other side!" The next stop on Beyonce's jam-packed agenda includes the Formation World Tour that will kick off its North America dates Wednesday evening in Miami. Until then, Mathew is just in awe of everything his daughter accomplished. "As a father I am extremely proud of Beyonce," he shared. "I mean, Beyonce just keeps pushing the envelope, pushing the envelope and setting an example of the whole industry." (Eonline)

Nicki Minaj Dedicates "Anaconda" to Donald Trump and Joe Biden at Time 100 Gala. Ariana Grande opened the Time 100 gala Tuesday evening, but it was Nicki Minaj who closed out with a bang. The rapper performed several songs for the audience, which included Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy, Caitlyn Jenner, Aziz Ansari, Gina Rodriguez and more honorees. But Trump and wife Melania Trump had to leave the Jazz at Lincoln Center ballroom early after hearing that he won the Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania primaries. He shook hands with everyone at his tables before making his final departure, missing Minaj's performance. The "Starships" songstress performed "The Crying Game," "Feeling Myself" and "Truffle Butter," but paused to dedicate the next song to Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. "I'm very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald Trump." That song was "Anaconda," but she altered the lyrics to include Trump's name in the first verse and Biden's in the second. She also made sure to perform the song's signature dance moves, but Trump wasn't there to see it. "Do you think they like that song?" she asked after the song ended. "Who do you think likes the biggest butts, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?" Minaj also took a minute to give a shout out to all the "independent women" in the room, lauding them having their "own money in the bank" and not needing "a man to buy you a car or a house." She closed out her performance -- and the event -- with "Super Bass," but not before giving one last inspirational comments. "Keep striving to the top, keep being the best you can be, and kick ass next year too," she said. Her performance seemed to be a hit, as stars moved to the front to dance along to the catchy tunes. (Eonline)

While Rachel Roy and Rita Ora have denied being the "Becky with the good hair" mentioned in Beyonce's "Sorry," a song on the album "Lemonade," sources said "Becky" is a composite of women Jay Z was rumored to have had liaisons with earlier in their relationship -- but he's since changed his ways. An insider told us: "I don't think Beyonce is calling out one girl. It is many girls. The rumors have been around for years." Things changed when Blue Ivy arrived in 2012. Explained our source: "Beyonce had the baby and was like, 'What am I doing? This is what my dad did to my mom.' She really looked at herself. Jay is now a great husband, and this is in the past. They went through a rocky patch but things are good again. The video is about finally coming to terms with her strength and their love." Meanwhile, another source close to the situation said the Becky speculation was a deliberate play by the famous couple. The source said, just like the Bonnie and Clyde characters they created in 2002, "They develop these storylines to sell albums. 'Lemonade' is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyonce are entertainers at the top of their game. Do you think Jay would release her album on [his own] Tidal if it really was all about him? He is 100 percent behind this." Another insider added, "They're marketing masters. They're pros at this. The more attention, the more they sell, the better. All that speculation is to get press when they need it. 'Lemonade' is much deeper than infidelity, but that's the focus. As long as people are talking, they don't care." Both Roy and Ora initially fueled the Becky speculation with mysterious online posts, but have since denied affairs with Jay Z. Ora tweeted, "These rumors are false. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Beyonce. Let's continue enjoying 'Lemonade.'?" Roy said in a statement, "There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally." Bey and Jay Z reps have not commented. Meanwhile, there's big buzz that they'll put on a united front in Miami Wednesday night for her Formation World Tour, where he will join her onstage. (Page Six)

Stevie Nicks surprised the audience at Broadway's "School of Rock" with a riveting performance of "Rhiannon" after the cast took its curtain call. Backed by the show's very young band, Nicks brought the house to its feet. Afterward, she had nothing but praise for the young musicians. "I have Fleetwood Mac, and then I have my solo band that I've been playing with since 1980, and now I have one more fantastic band to add to my roster, so I'm very happy," Nicks said Tuesday night backstage at the Winter Garden Theater. Nicks also shared her memories of Prince while recording her 1980s hit, "Stand Back." She said the idea came to her while listening to "Little Red Corvette" while driving, and she was compelled to call him about it. "I asked him if he would come over to Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. Never in a million years expecting that he would say yes, or that he was even in Los Angeles, and he was there in like twenty minutes," Nicks said. Then she added: "I didn't have to call and tell him that I kind of ripped off his song, but I did because I'm honest. So it turned into a really amazing relationship. Is my heart broken? Absolutely." But Nicks said it felt "fantastic" playing music with the young stars of "School of Rock." She saw the show on opening night, and came back to see it again. Performing at the show was something she wanted to do, especially because she would help raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. The organization provides financial support for people with AIDS, HIV and HIV-related diseases. "It's not work, it's just great fun ... so it's a great easy way to make money to give to people that really need it," Nicks said. The audience was filled with kids that seemed to enjoy her performance. But connecting her music with a younger audience has never been a concern for Nicks. "I don't feel like I'm a songwriter that just writes for old people or just writes for young people," Nicks said. Instead, she sees herself as the same timeless writer she was at 14. "I don't think we're stuck in a time machine that they only have to write stuff for people their age, and I only have to write stuff for people my age. Obviously, that's not true because look at what we just did. (Page Six)

Coming back for a tribute. Prince's band The Revolution has announced that it will be reuniting for performances after the unexpected death of their legendary performer on Thursday, April 21. The group's members, Brown Mark, Bobby Z., Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman and Matt "Doctor" Fink, made the announcement via Facebook on Tuesday, April 26, explaining that after spending a few days together mourning the death of the "Purple Rain" singer, they had concluded it was time to reform. "We have decided after spending three or four days together now grieving over the loss of Prince that we would like to come out and do some shows," Melvoin said, speaking for the band. "We want to let you know that we'll be there soon, so we want to let you know now." The band members served as backing musicians for Prince in Minneapolis in 1979, but were not officially titled The Revolution until the singer's hit track "1999" in 1982. They disbanded in 1986, following the Hit n Run-Parade Tour, although they have performed some reunion shows, both with and without their lead vocalist, since then. (US Weekly)

Remember that time when Beyonce wasn't opinionated, feisty and making statements through her music? No? No one remembers that because it's never happened. From Independent Woman in 2003 to Pretty Hurts a decade later, it's clear we are dealing with an artist who has long been commenting on society's ills. So, why is Piers Morgan claiming; in his article on her latest visual album; that he preferred the "old Beyonce", according to him, the "less inflammatory, agitating one"? I'll hazard a guess: female singers' political and intellectual remits begin and end with sassy hair flicks and sexy outfits, right? A female pop-star couldn't possibly care about racial inequality because she's too busy shakin' her booty to a mainstream beat, right? Wrong. The album Lemonade may be too "serious" for the TV host but to millions of people it is a boisterous, riotous message of support. It is an album that screams I'm with you. I understand. There must be change. It's Beyonce speaking to a throng of women striving for empowerment in a world of pervading gender-inequality; it's Beyonce pushing social consciousness through beats, riffs, body-pops and poetry. By reaching out to a ginormous audience in an engaging way she's making her fans sit up and take notice. Isn't that basically what a shrewd politician does? Beyonce's desire to highlight the injustices faced by the black community isn't a case of "shameless exploitation" as Morgan cries. The women featured in the song 'Forward' are the mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement. Were they forced to sit in front of a camera holding up pictures of their dead sons or are they willingly contributing to an ever-growing narrative of global protest in which people are waking up to social transgressions? Suggesting they're being exploited robs them of their power. This is exactly what Beyonce is railing against. She uses the Malcolm X quote - "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman" - to add oomph to her already mighty message. She wants to challenge a system that marginalizes the black community in ways deep, complex and varied. The world doesn't need fewer people highlighting injustice - it needs many, many more. We can't pick and choose who is suited to fighting a cause or question someone's beliefs simply because it disturbs our internal sense of status quo. Beyonce Knowles-Carter is - amongst other things - an artist, a mother, a businesswoman, a philanthropist and she can be a political activist too. In the track 'Don't Hurt Yourself' - a raging, head-thrashing anthem to female independence - she snarls "Who the f**k do you think I am? You ain't married to no average b*tch boy". Case closed. (British Glamour)

The inaugural edition of LaconiaFest has announced that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will headline the main stage on June 15, backed by his Nashville band Loving Mary. Tyler joins such previously announced headliners at the East Coast motorcycle music festival in Laconia, N.H. (June 11-19) as: Buckcherry (June 11),Saving Abel and Fuel (June 13), Bret Michaels (June 16), Ted Nugent (June 17) and Sevendust (June 18). Tyler has strong ties to New Hampshire, where he met the members of the Joe Perry Jam Band, which eventually evolved into Aerosmith. "We couldn't be more proud of Steven Tyler's homecoming to the state of New Hampshire for LaconiaFest," said Tyler Glover, co-producer of the event. "Fans in this area grew up listening to Tyler's iconic voice several times a day on the radio, and they are even more eager to see him perform in person." Tyler is currently working on his country solo album, due this summer on Dot Records. The second single "Red, White & You" peaked at No. 29 on the Hot Country Songs chart in February. It was preceded by "Love Is Your Name," which reached No. 19 in July 2015. LaconiaFest is being held in conjunction with the 93rd annual Laconia Motorcycle Week. The nine-day music fest, which will be housed at Weirs Beach Drive-In Theatre, will feature more than 100 artists on two stages from noon until midnight, including Lita Ford, Warrant, L.A. Guns, P.O.D., and Trixter. For more information about tickets and performers, visit LaconiaFest.com. (Billboard)

Ice Cube dropped by "The Late Late Show" with James Corden on Tuesday night fresh of his landmark reunion with N.W.A at last weekend's Coachella and he was clearly still feeling the buzz from that nearly 27-years-in-the-making event. "Aw man, you know it was crazy," Cube said with a smile when asked how it felt to take the stage with the living members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rap crew. "It was like a dream come true for me. I've been thinking about this day ever since I left the group in '89. For it to take this long for us to all get back on stage... Of course, you know, minus Eazy-E, rest in peace. For the most part it was all of us up there it felt like magic." With the death of Prince still fresh in everyone's mind, Cube also reminisced about the time he got to direct a video for the late musical icon. The year was 1994 and Cube was tapped to helm the video for 1994's "Love Sign," a duet with the late Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona Gaye. "I directed a video for him when I was trying to get my feet wet in directing," Cube said of the clip from the 1-800-NEW-FUNK compilation. "He usually did performance videos, so it was cool to get him to act a little bit. So we shot this video where he was a DJ and she was an assassin coming to kill him, but when she saw him she fell in love with him and they went off and did what Prince do." (Billboard)

Zedd Made Good on His Promise To Record With Kesha. Zedd appears to have made good on his promise to get in the studio with Kesha. After the pair blew minds on the first weekend of Coachella when Kesha made a surprise appearance during Zedd's set to perform "True Colors," they stunned fans again on Tuesday when the singer posted an image from a recording session with an uplifting caption. "It's a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again," Kesha wrote next to a black and white photo in which she's singing during a session. She then thanked Zedd for being a "f---ing beautiful person with a heart of gold." It was unclear at press time what project the two were working on, but the session comes amid Kesha's ongoing lawsuit against former mentor/producer and alleged abuser Dr. Luke, in which she is attempting to get free of her contract with Luke and record with other producers. Earlier this month Kesha said she rejected an alleged settlement offer in the case, saying "I will not take back the truth." At the time, a representative for Luke told Billboard that the court has repeatedly told the 29-year-old singer she is free to record without Luke. The Coachella performance marked the first time Kesha had performed in public since a judge denied her request in February for a preliminary injunction that would allow her to record outside of Luke's purview. It's unknown if the Zedd session is the first time she's recorded new music in the midst of the ongoing legal battle with Luke. In March, Kesha announced that she was back to writing songs. Zedd has posted a few other photos of the recording sessions as well this week, including one in which someone who looks like Kesha is in the vocal booth. (Billboard)

Tracee Ellis Ross Recalls When She First Met Prince: 'His Bare Bottom Was Exposed'. It's no surprise that Tracee Ellis Ross has met a number of famed musicians in her childhood as the daughter of Diana Ross, but on Tuesday's episode of Ellen, she recalled why her first encounter with Prince stood out amongst the others. The Black-ish actress shared that she had met the late icon backstage at one of his stadium shows at the young age of 11 or 12 and was shocked to see him sporting a pair of revealing chaps. "He went to walk away and he turned around, and he was wearing chaps with nothing else underneath! His bare bottom was exposed, and I was like, 'Oh, my god!'" she said. "As a child, I was like, 'That is disgusting!' I was like, 'Mom, that is so gross!' and she goes, 'No, that's cool.'" Ross went on to send her condolences to the friends and family of Prince, who died on April 21. "It's heartbreaking. We were all so touched by his music and what he shared with the world, but my heart just so goes out to his family and his loved ones and those people that had a personal relationship with him and a personal connection," she expressed. "When you love somebody that is that magical and the world loves them, you have to share them with the world. And I just hope that those people are having their moment to grieve the loss of their friend." (Billboard)

Alicia Keys will debut new music from her next album during the first-ever live musical performance as a part of the opening ceremony for the UEFA Champions League Final in Italy next month. UEFA and Pepsi announced that the Grammy-winning singer will be the first musical act to perform as a part of the final, which is aired in more than 220 countries. The singer has been working on a follow-up to her 2012 studio album Girl on Fire, but she was coy about the new songs she'll be performing on May 28. "I have to leave it as a surprise for sure 'cause that's ... part of the fun of it," Keys said in a phone interview from New York on Tuesday. "But you're definitely going to hear some new music." The multi-platinum singer, songwriter and pianist was feeling the energy and excitement of spring as she talked about the upcoming performance and new music. The mother of two is also going to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on May 7 and will be a judge on the next season of The Voice, alongside Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus. "It's such a fresh time for music. To me, it's my favorite time," Keys said. She'll have a global stage to introduce her new music to millions of football fans worldwide from the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan. And as the inaugural performance for the opening ceremony, she said wants to put her own creative stamp on the show. "It's pretty insane. I know there is going to be 80,000 people there in person and people are all over the world are going to witness it and watch this and celebrate," Keys said. "It's a huge space to fill." Music, Keys said, transcends language, so she's excited to perform for fans all around Europe. "No matter what you speak, you understand. You understand the emotion, you understand the feeling," she said. "And I think that's what is so magical about music, what makes us love it so much." Keys also said she is looking forward to returning to Italy, a place that feels like home to her. "My mother's family is from Italy, so whenever I go, I always feel the most loved," Keys said. "I feel like it's a homecoming of love in a lot of ways." (Billboard)

Neal Schon on Reunited Santana: 'It's like the Force Has Risen Again'. Neal Schon is hoping that the strong chart debut for the new Santana IV album -- No. 5 on the Billboard 200 -- will be the impetus for some more live shows for the reunited group. The troupe -- which includes original members Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve and Michael Carabello as well as Schon, who joined in 1971 -- has played just four shows together, including a March 21 date that was filmed and recorded for subsequent release. There have been talks of more shows, and Schon, for one, is chomping at the bit to see that happen. "Definitely. I think that's just completely inevitable," Schon tells Billboard. "It's like The Force has risen again. There's so many people who want to hear it, and what I'm hoping is that management opens their minds and eyes and sort of listens to the demand that's out there. There's a lot of fire, a lot of legs and a lot of people who want to see us all over the world." Schon says he's also willing to put aside Journey, which he and Rolie formed after Santana split in 1972 (Rolie left in 1980), in order to facilitate more of the Santana shows. "It's something I really want to do, so maybe we (Journey) take a hiatus for a year," Schon says. "Arnel (Pineda, Journey's singer) would like to take some time off, so instead of doing two years in a row of hard Journey, maybe we do one year and we give it a rest and let it sit for a second. Sometimes when you come back it's really fresh. So put aside some time for me next year because I'm going there and I'm going to do it. It's a no-brainer for me. It's something I have to do and it's something that's truly got some legs." Journey will be on the road extensively this year, with the Doobie Brothers and Dave Mason during the summer plus a Memorial Day Weekend gig at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Journey plays with Santana on Aug. 28 at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., and also at the San Francisco Fest on the Green on Sept. 4 at AT&T Park, and Schon views those as opportunities to bring his two bands together once again, perhaps mixing sets throughout the shows to present a chronological history of the music, from Woodstock-era Santana to Santana IV with both bands trading sets on stage. "That was my vision, but it hasn't quite come down like that," Schon says. "Certain people were just like, 'I don't want to see this happen' -- in our camp, so I'm very kind of disappointed with what could've been and what I still know is what the audience wants to see. But I think the heat is getting turned up because ('Santana IV') definitely kicked ass." Santana IV, which was released on the group`s own Santana IV Records label, also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart, and No. 2 on both the Rock Albums and Top Current charts. "It's always great when you're just having fun and doing something that's very natural, that you haven't masterminded or said, 'If I do this, it's gonna be perfect,'" Schon says. "We just kind of did it out of fun, and it's even more fun when people accept it the way they're accepting it." With plenty of ideas left from the Santana IV sessions, Schon and the other members have also expressed hopes for recording again -- with even more new material to add to the pot. "when I listen to all the facets that are in that band, rhythmically, and what you can do, I have so many endless ideas," he explains. "You can go anywhere with it -- you can go blues, you can go Latin, you can go Caribbean, you can go all African, you can go Cuban. Some bands, when they're really in tune, it's just like that. I think it's a combination of the people that make the chemistry that just things erupt out of. That's definitely what we have here." (Billboard)

Nicki Minaj Dedicates 'Anaconda' Performance to Donald Trump, Joe Biden at Time 100 Gala. Though Time highlights 100 influential people per year, the guests of the magazine's annual gala found themselves repeatedly mentioning one honoree in particular. "Can I just take a pill and wake up in mid-November, and just hope the president isn't that guy?!" said author John Green at the Tuesday night event. That guy, Donald Trump, only made a brief appearance at the dinner-upon learning that he had won the evening's five primary elections, he stood up and shook the hands of all of his tablemates and swiftly left the Jazz at Lincoln Center ballroom with wife Melania after Ariana Grande's opening performance. As he headed to his post-election press conference, Trump missed inspired speeches by Ford Foundation president Darren Walker, Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege, and Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, who led a toast to Prince, "arguably the best artist of all time." He also missed Melissa McCarthy's comical salutes to fellow honorees Grande ("Singing out of that little tiny body, I don't know how that works") and geneticist Kathy Niakan ("I have always loved a garden gnome"). Still, Trump remained top of mind, as Caitlyn Jenner mentioned the buzzy bathroom bill and how the GOP candidate told her to use any bathroom she wanted to while in the Trump Tower. "I went in there, I obeyed all the rules-I promise you, I didn't throw any feminine products down the toilet-and it actually worked out quite well," she told the evening's attendees, including Trevor Noah, Matthew Weiner, Jenji Kohan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Karlie Kloss, Diane Paulus, Priyanka Chopra and Lester Holt. Yet it was Nicki Minaj who closed the ceremony with a loud mention of Trump. After performing "The Crying Game," "Feeling Myself" and "Truffle Butter"-complete with Jenna Lyons, Padma Lakshmi and Norah O'Donnell dancing together in front of Aziz Ansari, Gina Rodriguez, Alexander Wang and FKA Twigs-she paused for a moment to salute the attending "independent women" who "got your own money in the bank" and "don't need a man to buy you a car or a house." Minaj then said, to great laughter, "I'm very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald Trump." That song was "Anaconda," and she kicked off the first verse with Trump's name and the second verse with Biden's, complete with the track's now-signature dance moves. Afterward, the musician polled: "Do you think they like that song? Who do you think likes the biggest butts, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?" To those who did remain in the room until the end, Minaj made one last remark before performing her "Super Bass" hit: "Keep striving to the top, keep being the best you can be, and kick ass next year too." (Billboard)

Sam Hunt Will Bring Roots-Like Jam Session to Stagecoach Fest: Exclusive. Grammy-nominated Sam Hunt will infuse his Stagecoach setlist with several surprise guests this weekend for a genre-blending jam session, similar to the popular jam sessions that soulful hip-hop group The Roots delivers every year ahead of the Grammy Awards, Billboard has learned. Hunt, whose debut album Montevallo ranked No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums for 2015 on the strength of three No. 1 singles on both the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, will squeeze in his own hits, likely covers, as well as secret performers on the country music festival's mainstage during his 50-minute set (7:25-8:15) on Friday in Indio, California. Hunt is inviting the guests, from various genres, onstage to launch his partnership with Bud Light Music, which previously partnered with The Roots in March to take their jam session to South by Southwest for the first time to wrap up the brand's four-day blitz of concerts at the Austin-based festival. While the guest artists remain under wraps, it's well-known that Hunt's music blends country, hip-hop and pop flavors, so performers from any of those genres are fair game. The 31-year-old could bring out some chart-topping heavyweights such as Carrie (who he dueted with at the American Music Awards and who is headlining Saturday's Stagecoach lineup) or even Taylor Swift (who brought Hunt onstage last year during one 1989 World Tour stop). Hunt often incorporates Drake's "Marvin's Room" into his own "Single For The Summer," so don't be surprised if a rapper appears onstage during his Stagecoach set. Hunt, who was named the AMAs' New Artist of the Year in November, has also written hits for other country artists who could potentially join him Friday: Kenny Chesney ("Come Over"), Keith Urban ("Cop Car") and Billy Currington ("We Are Tonight"). The guests for The Roots' jam sessions are often unpredictable, so Hunt's choices could all come out of leftfield. For example at SXSW, The Roots opened with X Ambassadors' "Renegades" and closed with Naughty by Nature's "Uptown Anthem," with Ashanti, Too Short, Talib Kweli, Yo Gotti, Emily King, Tish Hyman, Marc E. Bassy and Big Grams all sandwiched in between. Some of those artists had no connection with The Roots before jumping onstage that night. Expect Hunt, most often sporting a ball cap instead of a cowboy hat like most country artists, to perform much of Montevallo, including his three country platinum-selling chart-toppers -- "Leave the Night On," "Take Your Time" and "House Party. "Montevallo, which also features the platinum-selling "Break Up In A Small Town" and his current single "Make You Miss Me," is the best-selling debut album for a country artist since 2011, earning him Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Country Album. (Billboard)


The author's Pottermore digital platform will offer the Warner Bros. script as an eBook this November. J.K. Rowling's first-ever screenplay will be published. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first Harry Potter spinoff movie currently in postproduction at Warner Bros., will be published as an eBook by Pottermore, Rowling's digital platform for all things Potter, and priced at $12.99. Print editions also will be available courtesy of Little, Brown in the U.K. and Scholastic in North America. The published screenplay will comprise Rowling's full script for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, set in the U.S. 70 years before the Harry Potter story starts and centered around the character Newt Scamander, being played in the film by Eddie Redmayne. It is due to be published Nov 19., the day after the film's release. Fantastic Beasts will follow the "Special Rehearsal Edition" script of the upcoming stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-Parts 1 & 2, to be published July 31. (Hollywood Reporter)

Zendaya Among Finalists for James Cameron's 'Battle Angel' Movie (Exclusive). James Cameron is producing and Robert Rodriguez is directing Fox's adaptation of the popular manga. James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are zeroing in on their female actor to star in Alita: Battle Angel, Fox's ambitious adaptation of the popular manga graphic novels. Rodriguez is on board to direct what is envisioned as a big-budget tentpole, while Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment partner Jon Landau are producing. The movie has not been greenlighted as budgetary issues are still being worked out while the studio seeks to bring it down from the $175 million-$200 million range. The following trio tested for the film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned: Maika Monroe, who starred in It Follows and will appear in this summer's Independence Day: Resurgence; Rosa Salazar, who appeared in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and recently wrapped shooting Warner Bros.' big-screen take of CHiPs; and Zendaya, the Disney Channel star of K.C. Undercover who is one of the female leads of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Bella Thorne, who starred with Zendaya on the TV series Shake It Up and appeared in Alvin & the Chipmunks: Road Chip, also tested, say sources. Sources say that Cameron and Rodriguez want to create a star-making vehicle akin to Cameron's Dark Angel, the TV series that ran from 2000 to 2002 and became a platform for Jessica Alba. Sources also say that Zendaya could be the frontrunner for the role, but that scheduling issues with her hit TV show present a stumbling block. Alita: Battle Angel tells of a female cyborg that is discovered in a scrapyard by a scientist. With no memory of her previous life except her deadly martial-arts training, the woman becomes a bounty hunter, tracking down criminals. The action-adventure story is meant to serve as a backdrop to themes of self-discovery and the search for love. A decision on the actresses is expected in the coming weeks. (Hollywood Reporter)

Ethan Embry ('Grace and Frankie'), 'Haven' star Eric Balfour and 'Starry Eyes' actress Alex Essoe also are in the movie. Cult horror director Simon Rumley has reteamed with his Red White & Blue star Amanda Fuller for Fashionista, a thriller currently wrapping up shooting in Austin, Texas. Also on the call sheet are Ethan Embry (Grace and Frankie),Haven star Eric Balfour, Starry Eyes star Alex Essoe, Alexandria DeBerry (Lazer Team) and Devin Bonnee, who appeared in Rumley's last feature, Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word. Fashionista is being described as a structurally unique thriller about a fashion-conscious young woman who uses clothes as an emotional crutch and what happens when her life spirals out of control. The story centers on a woman who co-owns a vintage clothes store in Austin with her husband. When she discovers he is having an affair, she throws caution to the wind and has an affair herself with a suave, mysterious pick-up from a bar. The man, in true thriller fashion, turns out to be way more dangerous than she ever bargained for. Rumley, who wrote the script and is directing, is producing with Bob Portal of Alliance Media Partners (AMP), the U.K.-based production/financing company with a growing list of U.S. movies in production, including Greg Carter's My B.F.F. and Trent Haaga's 68 Kill, the last title in a three-picture deal with Travis Stevens' Snowfort Pictures. Tim League, the Alamo Drafthouse founder who also runs Fantastic Fest, is executive producing with Adam Goldworm. On his previous film, true-life sea survival tale Crowhurst, which is now in postproduction, Rumley worked with filmmaker Nicolas Roeg, the acclaimed cinematographer of Lawrence of Arabia. Fashionista is influenced by Roeg, said Rumley. "I was inspired to do what I had always wanted but never had the courage to do -- namely to write a film in the way that Nic edits his classic movies," said Rumley. "I'm not sure if I've succeeded or not, but I feel I've made something that explores some of our 21st century malaises." League met Rumley in 2006 when his film The Living and the Dead won big at that year's Austin-based Fantastic Fest and was a producer of the filmmaker's breakthrough, Red White & Blue (2010). "[Rumley] fell in love with Austin and has subsequently written two scripts set in our town," said League. "I helped produce Red White & Blue back in 2009, and now seven years later the team has reunited for Fashionista. I was never actually in one, but I imagine this must be what it feels like to 'put the band back together.'" Rumley is repped by Aperture Entertainment. (Hollywood Reporter)

"I only found out we might be in danger when I saw that video," says one industry veteran after Cannes staged a fake terror attack to test its security readiness ahead of next month's festival. With the world's biggest film festival only a few weeks away, Cannes made a very public show of force. Last Thursday, the city on the Cote d'Azur staged a dramatic, some would say chilling, test run of what might happen if terrorists target the stars, film industry execs and thousands of fans that descend on the Croisette every year. A video of the exercise, which featured masked gunmen with machine guns storming the famed red-carpeted steps of the Cannes Palais as shots rang out, played on repeat on French television and circulated widely on the Internet. The purpose, according to Palais president Claire-Anne Reix, was to show fest attendees "that we are training, that we are preparing, that we are ready. It's not frightening. What should be frightening is all the videos you see on the Internet, not the coverage of an exercise." But for many heading to Cannes, the images of gunfights between police and men in balaclavas and the sound of (fake) car bombs exploding was anything but reassuring. "I only found out we might be in danger when I saw that video -- I wasn't thinking about it until then," said Yuhka Matoi, an international sales exec for Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting System. "Maybe I'll stay away from the red carpet [this year]." Many attendees also question the tactic of carrying out the security test in public, with cameras running, questioning whether the exercise was more about PR than safety. "Anyone who goes to Cannes knows the French are good at putting on a show. I hope the security video wasn't just a performance to convince us they are prepared," noted Alexander van Dulmen, CEO of Berlin-based licenser A Film, while Russian buyer Sam Klebanov speculated that "the main point of these drills is to repel the potential terrorists by showing that Cannes is not going to be such a soft target." Reix, however, insists the exercise served a useful purpose, identifying some areas that need improvement before the stars arrive on May 11. The simulations were the first of their kind, put in place to test out the city's new security protocols following the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris in November and in Brussels in March. "You have to be prepared for what we consider a multi-terror event, not only in one place and not only in one hour -- in a few places over a few hours," city security consultant Nitzan Nuriel told The Hollywood Reporter. Last year's festival came after the infamous Charlie Hebdo massacre, but the brutality -- and seemingly indiscriminate nature of the more recent Paris and Brussels attacks -- has put Cannes on high alert. Most of the attendees who spoke to THR, however, say they have no plans to change their Cannes routines, taking a fatalist view of potential terrorist strike. "We hear about plane crashes almost every day but we don't stop flying," said Russian sales agent Raisa Fomina of Intercinema. "There is no safe place in Europe and everyone risks his life, whether in France, Belgium, the U.K., anywhere. I do not think I shall change my habits." Added documentary producer Simone Baumann of Germany's Saxonia Entertainment: "I honestly don't care too much about it. I remember this after 9/11 -- not just in Cannes but in Venice, at the TV markets. There are a lot of [dangerous] places. If it happens, it happens. Don't worry about Cannes." The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival is set to run May 11-22. (Hollywood Reporter)


Candace Cameron Bure Dishes Fuller House Season 2: More Parenting, New Beaus Ahead. Candace Cameron Bure is keeping watch on her Fuller House sister while Jodie Sweetin competes on Dancing With the Stars. "I talk to Jodie every few days. I would text her every day and call her every day, and I try not to annoy her," Cameron Bure told us. "But I do talk to her before every show." Cameron Bure, who has partnered with Unilever and their #RethinkRecycling campaign designed to get Americans to recycle their bathroom products , told us she has been in contact with Sweetin a lot more since Sweetin injured her foot (she has a bruised bone) while rehearsing with professional dance partner Keo Motsepe. "I think she's still hurting, but man she's pushing through it. She wants this. She's talked about being on Dancing With the Stars for so long, so I don't think anything's going to stop her," Cameron Bure said. Sweetin and Motsepe danced to Pink's "Try" and recreated the singer's American Music Awards dance and it made Cameron Bure full on cry. "I was literally bawling... I took an ugly pic of myself crying and it was so ugly I couldn't even send it to her," she said. Cameron Bure is prepping for Fuller House season two and dished now that her character DJ picked herself, the men who were vying for her attention have moved on. E! News has learned Steve (Scott Weinger) will have a new girlfriend, a clone of D.J. named CJ and Matt (John Brotherton) will have a new girlfriend as well. "I'm not sure -- If Steve and Matt both have girlfriends, it might change her feelings. You know how once something's unavailable that you think is and you're like, 'Hmm, maybe I missed out on something, maybe I should rethink this.' I think that's going to be one of the big storylines," she said. (Eonline)

24: Legacy, Lee Daniels' Star Officially Happening at Fox. Fox is getting an early start on its new series orders. The network just announced that it's ordered two high-profile pilots to series for the upcoming 2016-2017 season, 24: Legacy and Star. The network announced its plans to reboot the highly popular 24 for a new chapter back in January, revealing that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins would step into Kiefer Sutherland's leading man role not as a rebooted Jack Bauer, but as new character Eric Carter. Sutherland is attached to the series as an executive producer this time around. This next chapter will follow Hawkins' Eric, along with co-stars Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits, as they race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Star, hailing from Empire creator Lee Daniels, has been gestating a bit longer at the network, as plans to put the series into development were announced back in August of last year. The musical drama will follow three talented singers as they navigate the cut-throat music business as they try to make it big as the next Destiny's Child. Newcomers Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O'Grady will star as the young singers. They'll be joined by Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt, both returning to series regular TV work after some time. Lenny Kravitz is also on tap as a featured guest star. Like Empire, Star will feature original music, as well as regular musical fantasy sequences, as the girls dream of their future. Are you already making room on your DVR for Fox's new shows? (Eonline)

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Are Back to Business as Usual After Live! Turmoil. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are seemingly back to normal. Despite the fact ABC announced Tuesday that Strahan would be leaving Live! With Kelly and Michael even earlier than scheduled, the co-hosts didn't acknowledge the decision -- or the turmoil -- Wednesday and were back to business as usual. Strahan originally said he would be staying on Live! until September, but Tuesday the network revealed his last day would be in a couple of weeks. "After meeting with the producers of both Live and Good Morning America, and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future. To that end, Michael's last day on Live will be on Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host," a show spokesperson told E! News. "This plan also allows GMA to start integrating Michael into the show more often this summer before his full-time start in September." Wednesday morning Kelly and Michael walked out hand-in-hand once again, making their way to their seats before launching into a funny introduction about eyelash extensions, hair extensions and the invention of the shake weight. Tuesday marked Kelly's first day back from her hiatus, which she decided to take after hearing Strahan would be leaving at about the same time as everyone else. A source told E! News she was "livid" with the way the news broke, but after a few days away from the office Kelly cooled off and gave an emotional speech at the start of her talk show Tuesday morning. "I really needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. After 26 years with this company, I earned the right -- and let's be honest, I know half of you called in sick to be here, so we get each other. In that time, I gained some perspective. I always speak from the heart. I didn't want to come out here and just, like, say something I might regret," she said during the show's monologue. "What transpired, though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace. Since we're being honest, I don't consider this just a workplace," she continued. "This is my second home. This is a place that I've devoted myself to, not just because of you, our loyal viewers, but because of all of the producers and the crew who work on this show. We have an incredible team. We are incredibly devoted to one another. We are family." (Eonline)

Ripa's predecessor speaks! Kathie Lee Gifford has some advice for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan amid their ongoing Live with Kelly and Michael saga. The TV personality -- who sat behind the Live desk for 15 years with Regis Philbin -- gave her two cents during an appearance onFOX411 on Tuesday, April 26. "Be totally professional. I would keep anything that is going on between you private," Gifford, 62, said. "It's nobody's business but yours. But always, always be professional at your job. That's what you're hired to do." Gifford's comments came on the same day that her successor Ripa, 45, came back to the daytime talk show after four days off. The former soap star took a sick day last Wednesday, one day after being blindsided with the news that Strahan, 44, was leaving for a full-time job at Good Morning America. (As Us Weekly exclusively revealed, Ripa also had a pre-scheduled vacation to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband, Mark Consuelos.) Ripa opened up about the drama when Tuesday. "Our long national nightmare is over," she joked to the studio audience and the millions watching at home. "What transpired, though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace." Despite the cheerful monologue, Scandal star Bellamy Young, who was a guest on the show, revealed afterward that she felt some tension on set. Hours later, ABC confirmed that Strahan would be leaving the program in mid-May, four months earlier than originally announced. Ripa replaced Gifford on Live in 2001, joining then-cohost Philbin. Philbin, who previously said that he hasn't spoken to Ripa since his 2011 exit, addressed the current Live debacle last week. "[Strahan's] great. He was great on the [New York] Giants, he was great on our show. He's doing a lot of stuff. He's a real pro," Philbin, 84, told TMZ cameras on April 22. "They're going to be all right. It'll be fine." (US Weekly)

Call it Live With to Be Decided. A source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that Kelly Ripa "is talking about leaving" Live with Kelly and Michael after Michael Strahan announced his exit from the show for a permanent gig at Good Morning America. (Strahan was originally supposed to make the move in September, but the show announced this week that his last day on air will be May 13.) Although Ripa, 45, returned to the show after a four-episode hiatus Tuesday, April 26, the source says she still feels "blindsided" that producers and Strahan, 44, broke the news to her just moments before the April 19 public announcement: "She considers it a sign of disrespect." (In her opening monologue Tuesday, Ripa said that "apologies have been made.") Now, the 15-year Live vet will wait to see who producers seat beside her to help weigh her options for the future. They're considering actor Jerry O'Connell, says the source, but Ripa "hopes Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen gets the job." Unfortunately, it's not likely that one of Ripa's pals will come aboard, due to their prior commitments (the CNN journalist is covering the election and the Watch What Happens Live host is under contract with Bravo), so the show may not go on for Ripa. Says the source, "Unless one of them can come on, she doesn't really want to do it." (US Weekly)

The Flash's Latest Brilliant Idea to Stop Zoom Could Be a Disaster. Barry so desperately needs his powers back on The Flash that Team Flash is actually considering what sounds like a complete disaster: Another particle accelerator explosion? Really? But as we learned in "Back to Normal," that really is the next plan of attack as Zoom prepares to take over Earth-1. "The next episode is about the [ethics] of doing that," showrunner Andrew Kreisberg says of Harry Wells' brilliant idea to restore the speed force in Barry Allen (especially after fighting a metahuman without any special abilities was so darn difficult). "Harry thinks that between his particle accelerator explosion and what the Thawne version of Wells did, he can contain it and just get Barry's powers back." Of course, not everything on this show goes according to plan, so it's a risky suggestion at best. "Everyone, including Barry, has to decide if this is the right way to go," Kreisberg says, "considering the craziness that ensued last time. They're faced with a damned if you do, damned if you don't [situation] because Zoom's about to unleash a reign of terror on the city." And yes, the reaction on everyone's part is exactly what you probably said as soon as Harry uttered the words "particle accelerator explosion" (say that three times fast): "Are you out of your mind? This is insanity and we're trusting everything on Harry's say so that it's all going to be fine," Kreisberg says. "I think that's part of what makes the next episode so exciting." We'll also see the return of one of season one's most important figures, Barry's formerly imprisoned father. "John Wesley Shipp returns as Barry's dad in the next episode. There's a great scene that's between Barry's three fathers, essentially," Kreisberg teases. "It's between Tom Cavanagh and John Wesley Shipp and Jesse Martin where all three of them are sort of debating what their son should do. Not all of them have the take on it that you'd expect and I think that makes for an interesting scene." The other big revelation from "Back to Normal"? The loss of Killer Frost (and those awesome scenes featuring both of Danielle Panabaker's characters, Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost, collaborating while trapped inside Zoom's lair. "We loved what Danielle did with [Killer Frost] so when we were designing this episode and we had Zoom kidnap Caitlin, it just seemed like a fun thing to do to have the two of them together," Kreisberg says. Unfortunately, though, it was Killer Frost's time to go. But one aspect of the two characters' scenes together could show up next season: the mutual dislike of their mothers. "We haven't met Caitlin's mother yet, so we got a little talk between the two women which is something that'll probably play out in season three," he says. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. (Eonline)

ABC's Gay Rights Mini Enlists Michael K. Williams, Sets All-Star Guest Cast. Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Denis O'Hare and David Hyde Pierce will guest in Dustin Lance Black's 'When We Rise.' ABC is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming gay rights miniseries When We Rise. The Dustin Lance Black entry has added alum Michael K. Williams as a series regular and tapped an impressive guest list that includes Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Denis O'Hare and David Hyde Pierce. When We Rise chronicles the personal and political struggles, setbacks and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. civil rights movement, from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once-unfathomable successes of today. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) will co-star as African-American community organizer Ken Jones, while newcomer Ivory Aquino will portray the role of transgender activist Cecilia Chung. Goldberg will take on the part of Pat Norman, the first openly gay employee of the San Francisco Health Department; O'Donnell is set as Del Martin, co-founder of the first lesbian organization in the country; O'Hare will take on Jim Foster, an openly gay Democratic party organizer; and Pierce is set as Dr. Jones, LGBT activist Cleve Jones' (Guy Pearce) father. Mary-Louise Parker is set as women's rights leader Roma Guy; Rachel Griffiths is Roma's wife, activist Diane; Austin McKenzie is the young Cleve; Emily Skeggs is the young Roma; Jonathan Mauors is the young Ken Jones; and Fiona Dourif is the younger Diane. Dylan Walsh recurs as Dr. Marcus Conant and Kevin McHale is set as AIDS activist Bobbi Campbell. Rafael de la Fuente is set as Ricardo, Cleve's partner. The drama was written and created by Black, who won an Academy Award for penning the screenplay for the Harvey Milk biopic Milk. The ABC Studios entry will be executive produced by Laurence Mark and Bruce Cohen, the latter of whom produced Milk. Gus Van Sant, who earned an Oscar nomination for directing Milk, also serves as an exec producer on the mini, which was first announced in July 2013. Dee Rees (Bessie, Pariah) and Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing, Manhattan) will each direct two hours of the eight-part miniseries. Van Sant is helming part one (hours one and two); Rees is set for parts two and three (hours three and four); Schlamme is directing parts four and five (hours five and six); and Black is set for parts six and seven (hours seven and eight). (Hollywood Reporter)


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