• Fiat Chrysler has recalled 812,000 cars because owners aren't able to figure out the shifter.
  • The numbers are out -- and sales at Apple were down for the first time in 13 years.
  • Actress Lena Dunham ("Girls") is the latest Hollywood type threatening to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected.
  • Susan Boyle was escorted out of London's Heathrow airport on Tuesday after she appeared to be distressed.
  • By the way, World Naked Gardening Day is coming up on May 7.
  • A report says that Kentucky has the most children who have at least one parent in jail.
  • Dubai says it wants 25% of all trips on its roads made by driverless cars by 2030.
  • "Saturday Night Live" says it's going to cut back on it's commercial level next season.
  • A Swiss company is charging parents $29,000 to come up with the perfect name for their babies.
  • A study says a high fat diet increases daytime sleepiness.
  • Tiger Woods has registered for the upcoming U.S. Open at Oakmont.
  • A town in Germany has embedded traffic lights into the sidewalk for people who text while walking.
  • A golf course in Japan has started delivering snacks and other items to golfers using drones.
  • Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and University of Michigan looked at 75 studies involving more than 150,000 children over 50 years. They found that children who were spanked were more likely to defy their parents.
  • Comcast is looking into buying Dreamworks.
  • Hillary Clinton says that half of her presidential cabinet will be women.
  • If you were a Prince fan, you'll want to grab a copy of Entertainment Weekly. There's a Prince Tribute issue out this week.
  • Ted Cruz didn't help his "I'm a regular guy" campaign when in Indiana, he referred to a basketball rim as a "basketball ring."
  • Michael Strahan's final day on "Live" will be May 13.


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