Exactly 9 months from today, we hit the After-Christmas sales! Jessica Lynch, famous for being the rescued P.O.W. from the first Iraq War, turns 33 today. Candles, yes... fireworks, no.

Tionne Watkins turns 46 today. She was in the group TLC and known as T-Boz, not to be confused with THE Boz. The only thing they have in common is that they both don't play football.

Kevin James is 51. But enough about his waist-size. It's also his birthday! Hopefully, the mall will remember and throw him a party in the food court.

Jet Li turns 53 today. Most people blow out their candles. He uses nunchucks! After that one year with 7 broken arms and two broken noses, his friends have learned one thing about Jet: no surprise parties!

Carol Burnett turns 83 today. You're tugging my ear! Nope! A guy I went to school with, Brian Miller, actually married her a few years ago. Seriously. He was a drummer with the CBS orchestra, got to know her, she became available and they connected. For the record, she's never been to any of the reunions.

National Pretzel Day -- Go and eat a pretzel. Introduced to Congress in 1983, by then-U.S. Representative Robert Walker (R-PA), this day recognizes the contributions of the numerous pretzel bakeries within Pennsylvania, which produces nearly 80 percent of the nation's pretzel supply.


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