Interstate 10 Shut Down Mile Post 352-Mile Post 378

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is assisting with closing Interstate 10 both east and west bound lanes near San Simon. The closure is the result of zero visibility and multiple vehicle accidents.
Please be advised to avoid this area until further notice. At least one semi-truck has collided with several vehicles, a San Simon Fire Truck and DPS vehicle have been involved in crashes as well.
Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is sending emergency vehicles to asist
DPS is re-routing traffic to Exit 352 through Highway 191 to Safford and back around over into NM and back to Interstate 10.
375-376 both lanesDPS is re-routing traffic to Highway to .Traffic collisions are at mile post are completely closed.
Avoid this area and plan for extra time to get around this area.


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