Visiting Japan Soon? There's Are Some New Rules!

If you plan to be visiting the Japanese island of Hokkaido anytime soon, please be advised that they have released a new guide for tourists - one which frankly we think should be distributed to everybody in the world. Aimed at the millions of people who visit the island's ski resorts and hot springs every year, it basically wants to create a fart-free utopia where everyone is polite and naked! Included in the new edicts are:
  • Don't be obnoxiously loud
  • Throw your used toilet paper roll in the toilet (Really?)
  • Don't steal stuff
  • Always respect the queue (Don't cut in line)
  • Don't talk with your mouth full
  • No farting in public
  • Get naked when you visit the island's many hot springs

Regarding that last one, apparently the island's people consider it rude to wear bathing suits or shorts when bathing or soaking in the hot springs. Proper etiquette is for you to get completely naked! Yee haw! (Metro)


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