Other Thoughts....

So they're calling it "repatriating your money" instead of "paying taxes." Nice spin.

That woman who appeared on The Maury Show -- you know, the one that looks like Ted Cruz in drag -- has been offered $10,000 to do a porn movie and she has accepted the offer. So when exactly did the planet spin off its axis?

There's now a waiting list for the new London restaurant where you can have dinner in the nude. I guess people will need a little more time in placing their orders. My question is will you still be allowed to place a napkin on your lap or would that be considered rude. 

A Minnesota auto repair shop was reportedly caught giving its workers bonus payments in meth. I believe it was at a place called 60-Second Tune.

A study says that living near nature is linked to longer lives. Giving out an occasional Tarzan yell from the couch doesn't count.

Now there's a company that is making chairs from the engines of 737s. Ironically, they don't come with much leg room, either.


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