(CollegeHumor.com) They asked people to tell them what are the most embarrassing things in the world. Here are the results:

  1. Walking in on someone in the bathroom
  2. Accidentally spitting in someone's face while talking
  3. Sweating through your shorts
  4. Forgetting the name of a person you've met more than once
  5. Having someone walk in on you in the bathroom
  6. Not being invited to a party all your friends are going to
  7. Having your bathing suit come off in public
  8. Having the seat of your pants rip in public
  9. At a friend's house, the toilet does something weird that is not your fault, but you are torn between telling them and just letting them find out
  10. Mistaking a fat lady for a pregnant lady
  11. Saying something bad about someone who overhears
  12. Getting pantsed
  13. Farting in an empty elevator and then someone coming on a second later
  14. Puking in public
  15. Realizing at the register that you do not have enough money on your person to pay
  16. Having a booger you're not aware of
  17. Accidentally touching a naked person in a gym locker room
  18. Mistaking someone for the opposite gender
  19. Waving to someone who wasn't actually waving at you
  20. Attempting to join in a conversation, not being heard, saying what you said again, realizing they totally heard you the first time
  21. Showing someone a picture on your phone and they scroll without permission and see a naked picture of you
  22. Clogging the toilet at friend's house


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