Final day of the month. June drops the microphone and walks away after today.

Fantasia Barrino celebrates her 32nd birthday today. She won American Idol back in 2004 and became known as the person who won American Idol back in 2004. I wouldn't say exactly that she became a household name, but they have heard about her on the front porch.

Monica Potter ("Parenthood") turns 45 today. No relation to Harry. "Iron Mike" Tyson hits the big 5-0 today.
  • Pointing that out to him is all up to you.
  • By the way, for the record, his nickname might be "Iron Mike" but I know for a fact that he doesn't iron.
  • He'll spend a quiet evening at home, punching out his candles.

David Alan Grier turns 61. He's a comedian and actor. Most people we identify these days by three names are serial killers.

Meteor Day -- The odds for the average American will die in an asteroid or meteor impact is 1-in-500,000. Dam that's better odds then winning the lottery!


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