Other Thoughts...

The Census says the average white person in the U.S. is 56 years old. So no matter how superior you feel, if you're 56, the government thinks you're average.

The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason in Lansing, Michigan held their first service this week on Sunday. Unfortunately, the bulk of the new members didn't show up until Monday.

Instead of "Amen," they end prayers with "Oh, wow, man."

50 Cent was arrested for using "bad language" at a concert on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Probably the phrase that ticked them off the most was "Kitts my ass."

An octogenarian couple from Ireland finished a Marathon together holding hands. No one knows for sure if it was for love... or support.

Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight is planning to attend next month's Republican National Convention. In fact, he's been invited to throw out the first chair!


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