Henry the 8th, the legendary king of England, was born on this date in 1491. He married like Larry King and ate like John Goodman.

In 1709, Charles the 12th -- the King of Sweden -- was wounded in the foot during a battle. I believe this was the day that the phrase "Uff Da!" was coined.

On this date in 1778, Mary Hayes earned the name "Molly Pitcher" because she brought water to American troops while they fought the Revolutionary War. She like that much more than her original nickname from the troops, "Get Around Gertie."

In 1820, scientists determined that the tomato was non-poisonous.
  • I'm surprised it took science that long to catchup.
  • That gave the inventors of the BL sandwich an idea.
  • This immediately stopped people from suicide by BLT.
  • The company that made the bumper stickers, "Ketchup Kills" immediately went out of business.
  • That meant all of the existing charges of "assault with a deadly ketchup" were dropped immediately.
  • After all, it appears so menacing.

On this date in 1859, the very first dog show was held in England. Of course, during these early ones, they learned what we know today -- don't bring your pet cat, never wear clothes that are fire-hydrant yellow, etc. That was also the year they came up with the "No cats allowed" rule.

In 1894, the Labor Day holiday was approved by congress. Finally, they had a holiday at the end of the summer to go with all those sales. Congress, demonstrated great wisdom, decided it should fall on Labor Day Weekend.

On this date in 1982, Prince Charles and Lady Diana announced the name of their new son, "William"... which, of course, in England, was a very important day for bookies and gamblers.


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