Already down to the final two days of June. 4th of July and a three-day weekend coming up!
Nicole Scherzinger turns 38 today. She's an ex-judge from "The X-Factor." She's so indecisive, the candles on her birthday cake always burn down before she can decide what to wish for...

Evelyn "Champagne" King turns 56 today. She was once so sparkly, but I hear she's gone flat. King had a hit back in the 70s called "Shame." People still love to tell her to put a cork in it.

Colin Hay, the lead singer of "Men at Work," turns 63 today. It's getting closer to changing the name of the group to "Men, Retired." He's going from singing "Who can it be now?" to asking it all the time.

Fred Grandy, who played Gopher on the old TV series, "The Love Boat," hits birthday number 68. It wasn't so bad being called Gopher, it was just all those traps they sent.

Gary Busey turns 72 today. Don't ask me how.

Hug Holiday -- a day to encourage people to hug those who need attention. Nowadays, real men hug each other, and they're doing it more often than ever, say experts on social customs and good manners. "If you are greeting someone in a casual scenario, I don't think a hug is out of place," says Jason Tesauro, the author of "The Modern Gentleman." "Saying goodbye is always safer because you've built up a fellowship." Men often hug at emotional moments during sports events, weddings and funerals, says professor Mark Mormon of Baylor University in Waco, Texas. "But if you are in the office, hugging generally doesn't work because there isn't a lot of emotion there," says Mormon. And most men aren't comfortable hugging for more than a second or two. If you're thinking of joining the group hug, consider these options:
  • The quickie -- Two men shake hands and then use the free hand to clasp the other's shoulder or gently pat near the shoulder blade.
  • The shoulder-pad bump -- Two men shake hands, then, without letting go, lean into each other and bump chests while their free hands pound each other heartily on the back.
  • The slip and slide -- Two men stand side-by-side and briefly drape closer arms over the other's shoulder or behind the other's back while they tap each other's chests with the farther hands.
  • The rapper hit -- Two guys meet with a fancy handshake, then step in to briefly bump their inside shoulders.


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