Born On This Day...

In 1729Writer, Charles Thomson (America's first official record keeper)
In 1803Physicist, Christian Doppler (discovered Doppler Effect-colorshift)
In 1811Wendell Phillips, women's suffrage, antislavery, prison reformer
In 1816Morrison R. Waite, seventh Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
In 1818Canadian publisher, George Brown (Toronto Globe)
In 1832American author, Louisa May Alcott (Little Women)
In 1849Engineer, Sir Ambrose Fleming (invented the diode)
In 1866British astronomer, Ernest William Brown (motion of the moon)
In 1876First female governor, Nellie Taylor Ross (Wyoming)
In 1895Actor/director, Busby Berkeley
In 1898English scholar/sci-fi writer, C.S. Lewis
In 1900Propaganda broadcaster, Mildred E. Gillars (Axis Sally) [d: 6-25-88]
In 1906Actor, Luis Van Rooten (One Man's Family) [d: 6-17-73]
In 1908Congressman/minister, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. [d: 4-4-72]
In 1915Jazz pianist/composer, Billy Strayhorn [d: 5-3-67]
In 1916Actress, Fran Ryan (Doris Day Show, Doris-Green Acres) [d: 1-16-00]
In 1917Country singer, Merle Travis (Sixteen Tons) [d: 10-20-83]
In 1918Writer, Madeleine L'Engle (Ilsa, Love Letters) [d: 9-6-07]
In 1923Broadcast journalist, Frank Reynolds (ABC) [d: 7-20-83]
In 1924Actor, Ralph James (Orson-Mork & Mindy) [d: 3-14-92]
In 1927Sportscaster, Vin Scully (NBC) (91)
In 1928U.S. Senator, Paul Simon (D-IL) [d: 12-9-03]
In 1929Pro golfer, Don January (1976 Vardon Trophy) (89)
In 1932French political leader, Jacques Rene Chirac (86)
In 1932TV host/folk singer, John Gary [d: 1-4-98]
In 1933Physician/writer, David R. Reuben (Everything You ... About Sex) (85)
In 1933Singer/keyboardist, John Mayall (Crusade, Looking Back) (85)
In 1935Actress, Diane Ladd (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore) (83)
In 1940Musician/composer, Chuck Mangione (Feels So Good) (78)
In 1941Singer, Dennis Doherty (Mamas And The Papas) [d: 1-19-07]
In 1942Singer/keyboardist, Felix Cavaliere ([Young] Rascals) (76)
In 1943Singer/guitarist, Bobbi Martin [d: 5-2-00]
In 1946U.S. skier, Suzy Chaffee (Olympics-1968) (72)
In 1949Actor/comedian, Garry Shandling (Larry Sanders Show) [d: 3-24-16]
In 1949Astronaut, Kenneth D. Cameron (STS-37, 56, 74) (69)
In 1951Guitarist, Barry Goudreau (Boston) (67)
In 1952Actor, Jeff Fahey (The Marshall, The Lawnmower Man) (66)
In 1955Actor/comedian, Howie Mandel (St. Elsewhere, America's Got Talent) (63)
In 1958Bassist, Michael Dempsey (The Cure) (60)
In 1960Actress, Cathy Moriarty (Neighbors, Raging Bull, Casper) (58)
In 1961Actress, Kim Delaney (Tour of Duty, NYPD Blue, Philly) (57)
In 1962Actor, Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo's Fire, Less Than Zero) (56)
In 1964Actor, Don Cheadle (Picket Fences, Rat Pack, Ironman 2) (54)
In 1964Actor, Kris Kamm (Stuart Rosebrock-Coach) (54)
In 1965Actor, Neill Barry (Old Enough, Heat) (53)
In 1965Vibraphonist, Wallis Buchanan (Jamiroquai) (53)
In 1965Comedian, Ellen Cleghorne (Saturday Night Live) (53)
In 1968Guitarist/songwriter, Martin Carr (Boo Radleys) (50)
In 1968Singer, Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block) (50)
In 1969Baseball player, Mariano Rivera (Yankees) (49)
In 1971Actress/model, Gena Lee Nolin (The Price Is Right, Baywatch) (47)
In 1972Actor, Brian Baumgartner (Kevin-The Office) (46)
In 1972Actor, Diego Ramos (Violetta, Mr and Mrs. Beds) (46)
In 1974Hip-Pop performer, Apl.De.Ap (Black Eyed Peas) (44)
In 1976Actress, Anna Faris (Scary Movie, House Bunny, Mom) (42)
In 1977Actor, Chadwick Boseman (Get On Up, 42) (41)
In 1978Actress, Lauren German (Chicago Fire) (40)
In 1979Rap singer, The Game (39)
In 1980Actress, Janina Gavankar (True Blood, The L Word, Arrow) (38)
In 1981Drummer, Ringo Garza (Los Lonely Boys) (37)
In 1982Actor, Lucas Black (American Gothic, Furious 7) (36)
In 1988Football player, Russell Wilson (Seahawks) (30)
In 1990Actor, Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars, Scream Queens) (28)
In 1993Actor, David Lambert (The Fosters) (25)
In 1995Actress, Laura Marano (Austin and Ally, Bad Hair Day) (23)


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