"The Mars InSight Explorer Makes Incredible Discovery!"
Trash! It hasn't really explored the planet yet and those three Starbucks were just something scientists assumed were there.

"Jerry Springer Returning to TV as Judge Jerry!"
Truth! Yep, he's back next fall. A statement promises Springer will preside over cases and then "render a verdict with a fair yet firm hand and always leave litigants with a dose of classic Springer wisdom."

"Santa Claus Has Had It and May Run For President!"
Trash! C'mon, a guy that works one night a year, giving it up for that?

"Man Who Never Had Cancer Endures Five Years of Chemo!"
Truth! The doctor who originally diagnosed him was fired. Now James Salaz of Colorado has to deal with the aftermath of years of unnecessary chemotherapy including being diagnosed with pancreatitis.

"Turkey Actually Makes Your Smarter!"
Trash! Only if you study while eating it.

"Woman Spends Three Months in Prison for Having Cotton Candy in Car!"
Truth! Dumb Georgia cops thought it was meth. Took three months for a lab report to say nope. She couldn't afford the $1 million bail so rotted in jail the whole time. Yep, she's suing.

"Guy Tattoos Picture of Doctor Who Saved His Life on His Back!"
Truth! In Argentina, Nano Salguero was diagnosed with colon cancer and was operated on by Dr. Paul Lada. The operation was a complete success and Salguero showed his gratitude by getting the tat.

"Elves Suing Santa Claus, Claiming They're Underpaid."
Trash! He's only paying minimum wage, but he's not shorting them. That would be redundant.


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