(Popular Science) The best ways to cheat, according to science:

Use real cream
People who eat full-fat dairy tend to have less cardiovascular disease. Nutritionists think this effect is probably the result of some combinations of lipids being more filling and the microbes in cultured dairy boosting metabolism.

Eat your sweets
It's harder to fill up on liquid calories. Chewing prompts your body to decrease chemical hunger signals like the hormone ghrelin. Even if a slice of cake and a can of soda have equal sugar content, the confection is more likely to sate you.

Make bread a chaser
Studies have shown that scarfing all your carbs last can cut blood-sugar spikes by 50 percent compared to eating them first. Downing protein ups the production of insulin and incretin, which get your body ready to digest glucose.

Keep pasta chewy
If you overcook pasta, the calories are far easier to take in than if the noodles are left al dente. A chewier penne's starch better resists our digestive enzymes, so eating it will slow absorption and can help keep blood sugar low.

Nuke leftovers
Surplus white rice? Microwave it. When cooked carbs cool, their starches already resist digestion. But nuking some grains makes them resemble fiber, which passes through your gut untouched decreasing the number of calories you absorb.


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