Trey Songz turns 33 today. Or, Trey-Trey, if you prefer.

It's Jon Stewart's 56th birthday. Actual full name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. Laugh your way out of that one, funny boy! Too early to be retired. Get back to work! If you're looking for a gift no one else could think of, he could use an "h" for that first name.

Judd Nelson turns 59 today. He's gone from "The Breakfast Club" to "Early Bird Dinners."

Paul Shaffer, the bandleader on the former David Letterman Show, turns 69 today. One of his many claims to fame -- he was the first person to drop an F-bomb on "Saturday Night Live." Hey, you take fame where you can get it.

Randy Newman celebrates birthday number 75 today. He loves LA, you know. He did the song "I Love L.A.," from the album, "Oh, so YOU'RE the guy!"

Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart turns 82 today. His presidential hopes were dashed last century when the married senator was caught having a little rice on the side: Donna Rice.


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