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In 1620Susanna and William White's son Peregrine is born while the Mayflower is in the Massachusetts Bay, becoming the first child born of English parents in what's now known as New England.
In 1789New Jersey becomes the first state to ratify Bill of Rights.
In 1820A wounded, enraged whale rammed and sank the "Essex" inspiring Herman Melville to write "Moby Dick."
In 1888William Bundy invents the first timecard clock.
In 1910Revolution breaks out in Mexico, led by Francisco I. Madero.
In 1914The State Department begins requiring photographs for passports.
In 1929The radio program "The Goldbergs" debuts on NBC Blue Network.
In 1931The first commercial teletype service begins.
In 194524 accused Nazi World War II criminals go on trial in Nuremberg, Germany.
In 1947Britain's future queen Princess Elizabeth marries Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, in Westminster Abbey.
In 1947"Meet the Press" makes it's network TV debut on NBC.
In 1953First airplane to exceed 1300 mph - Scott Crossfield.
In 1959The United Nations issues its "Declaration of the Rights of the Child," saying countries have an obligation to ensure "a happy childhood" for the world's young people.
In 1962President John F. Kennedy lifts the naval quarantine to end the Cuban Missile Crisis.
In 1967At 11am, the Census Clock at the Department of Commerce ticks past 200 million.
In 1969Cheyenne, WY, has a record snowfall of 25.6 inches in 24 hours.
In 1969The Nixon administration announces a halt to residential use of the pesticide DDT.
In 1970A majority in the U.N. General Assembly votes to give China a seat, but the two-thirds majority for admission is not met.
In 1971Hunting from airplanes is outlawed.
In 1973Comedian Allen Sherman dies of respiratory failure at age 48.
In 1975Spain's absolute ruler General Francisco Franco dies at age 82.
In 1977Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears rushes for a NFL-record 275 yards in one game.
In 1977Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to address Israel's parliament.
In 1980United Artists recalls its $36 million movie "Heaven's Gate" for re-editing.
In 1981Anatoly Karpov of the USSR retains the world chess championship.
In 1983100 million viewers tune in for the ABC-TV movie "The Day After."
In 1984United Nations Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick resigns her post.
In 1985Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev hosts the second day of meetings with President Reagan at their Geneva summit.
In 1986The director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Halfdan Maher, announces the first coordinated global effort to combat the deadly disease AIDS.
In 1987Investigating police say arson was unlikely in a London subway fire that killed 30.
In 1989More than 200,000 people rally peacefully in Prague,Czechoslovakia, demanding democratic reforms and the ouster of Communist Party leader Milos Jakes.
In 1990Saddam Hussein orders another 250,000 Iraqi troops to Kuwait.
In 1990The space shuttle Atlantis lands at Cape Canaveral, FL, after completing a secret military mission.
In 1991California Democrat Alan Cranston is reprimanded by the Senate for his dealings with former savings-and-loan chief Charles H. Keating.
In 1992Fire seriously damages the northwest side of Windsor Castle, the favorite weekend home of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.
In 1993The U.S. Senate passes the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases, by a vote of 63-36.
In 1994The Angolan government and rebels sign a treaty in Zambia to end 19 years of war, even as fighting continued in their homeland.
In 1995The Food and Drug Administration approves 3TC, the first newtherapy for use as an initial AIDS treatment in nearly a decade.
In 1995Federal employees idled during a government shutdown return totheir jobs.
In 1995Olympic figure skating champion Sergei Grinkov dies of a heart attack in Lake Placid, NY.
In 1995BBC Television broadcasts an interview with Princess Diana, who admitted being unfaithful to Prince Charles.
In 1996House Republicans choose Newt Gingrich to be speaker for a second term.
In 199639 people are killed when fire broke out in a building in HongKong.
In 2000A French judge orders the U.S.-based portal Yahoo! to block Web surfers in France from an auction where Nazi memorabilia is sold.
In 2000Alberto Fujimori resigns as president of Peru.
In 2000Lawyers for Al Gore and George W. Bush appear before the Florida Supreme Court over whether the presidential election recount should be allowed to continue.
In 2001Federal health officials approve the sale of the world's first contraceptive patch, Ortho-Evra.
In 2004Scientist Ancel Keys, who invented the K rations eaten by soldiers in World War II, dies at age 100.


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