On this date in 1620, Susanna and William White's son Peregrine is born while the Mayflower is in the Massachusetts Bay, becoming the first child born of English parents in what's now known as New England.
He was the actual first "Son of a Pilgrim!"
With a name like Peregrine, they must have had an agreement to name him the first thing they say after he was born. Good thing there weren't any platypus in the area.
They were proud of their little Butterball.
Obviously, the pilgrims were getting short on their rations and apparently, that included baby names.
His parents were so excited, the father yelled out, "Tonight we're gonna party like its 1699!"

In 1888, William Bundy invented the first timecard clock.
People said he was ahead of his time, but his time card actually showed he was 3 minutes late.
His boss said two things: "Nice job" and "You're late!"
To show what a company man he was, he only worked on it during his breaks.
They put it to work immediately at the shoe store he worked at. He then punched out early to go celebrate.

On this date in 1914, the U.S. government began requiring photos on passports. If nothing else, to stop the flood of John Smith's entering the country.

In 1953, an airplane exceeded 1300 mph for the very first time. He was so fast, they actually lost his luggage before he took off.

On this date in 1962, President John F. Kennedy lifted the naval quarantine and ended the episode known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.
It was like the whole North Korea thing, but in Spanish.
About as close to a nuclear war any of us would ever want to get.
He immediately reached for the Visine, as he wasn't able to blink for the previous two weeks.

In 1971, hunting from airplanes was made illegal. But you can still fish from them. Or, except for parking places at the mall during the Christmas shopping season.


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