Sarah Z. Wexler told Glamour magazine about guys' biggest hang ups about dating. Admit it you have got your first date litmus tests. Does he criticize his mom? He must hate women. Does he undertip? He is a selfish jerk. Wexler always mention that she is a vegetarian, because depending on the guy's reaction, she can tell whether he is an accepting boyfriend or an intolerant one. So in the spirit of fairness, Wexler asked men what chaps their hide. Here are top responses:

1. She will not try new things.
No need to skydive with him if you are not into that, but a touch of adventurousness can go a long way.

2. She is judgey.
One 33 year old man writer says, "when I lived with my gay best friend. I'd mention it right away to see if it made the girl uncomfortable." It did more than once, and killed the chemistry for him.

3. She hates sports.
Predictable? Sure. But still a top response among the guys Wexler talked to.

4. She is not up on the news.
Not all guys care about politics, but those who do tell me that they all often float an issue in conversation to see whether the women they are with follows the front page, too.

5. Movie references go flying over her head.
A 30-year-old graphic designer says, "I just want to know if she thinks the same things are funny, that our personalities are compatible." If you have no idea what he is talking about admit it. Hopefully, he will ask you to watch the movie with him.


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