• The word "Taxi" is second on a list of words that have the same meaning in many different languages. The number one word that means the same thing is "Amen."
  • Close to 96% of American homes have a bottle of ketchup in the kitchen.
  • The most borrowed item in America are books, the second most borrowed item is jumper-cables.
  • The average woman checks her horoscope 150 times a year. The average man only about 10 times.
  • Over 24% of women want to change their man's hair style.
  • About 15% of us have a billiards table in our homes.
  • Studies show that if you have too many personal photos at work, your co-workers may perceive you as less professional.
People usually do this once or twice a day, and it takes about eight minutes to accomplish. What is it? Get dressed.


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