Five Years of Chemo - Never Had Cancer

James Salaz of Colorado says the pain from his chemotherapy was horrible adding, "I would curl up in a ball and I would just want to die." These intense chemo treatments went on for five years and he just kept popping pain killers to cope, hoping his cancer would be cured. But nothing changed and he never got better. But when he finally went to see Dr. Choon-Kee Lee (who he considered his main doctor) at Montrose Hospital to ask why things weren't getting better, he found Lee had been dismissed by the hospital. They hadn't even bothered to notify his patients. So Salaz had to find a new doctor - and that's when he found out he never had cancer. He said, "She called me and told me that I have a thing called vasculitis, and that if we would've treated it five years ago, you would be good. But now it's gotten so bad that it's called Wagners." Unfortunately for Salaz, his true diagnosis appears to be much more difficult to treat due to a severe lack of rheumatologists in western Colorado. He's on a waiting list and it may be a year before he can actually be seen. In the meantime, Mr. Salaz still has to deal with the aftermath of years of unnecessary chemotherapy. He has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, which doctors say was caused by the strong cancer drugs, and he has already been in the hospital for it twice. And the line for the drooling lawyers starts on the left. (Oddity Central)

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Not even sure how this can happen but pictures of a couple of Salvation Bell Ringers outside the Walmart in Valparaiso, Indiana have caused an uproar on social media. That's because the two men are wearing leather jackets - with white supremacist imagery. One is sporting a patch reading "Aryan" and another with a Confederate flag. The bell ringers in question were confirmed to be members of the Hell's Angels Northwest Indiana Region Motorcycle Club. A rep from the club issued a statement reading, "Our worldwide multinational, multiracial motorcycle club excepts [sic] motorcyclists from all walks of life." Calls and emails sent to the Porter County Salvation Army, public relations contact for the Salvation Army central territory and the Walmart media hotline have not been returned (as of press time). (

I Need a Break. Think I'll Try Prison for a Day

Believe it or not - there's a weird new trend for South Koreans looking for the ultimate getaway from the everyday grind. They're paying $90 bucks to spend a night in prison! Many say the 24-hour lock-up at a fake prison ironically gives them "a sense of freedom." Tucked away in the northeast corner of the country, the "Prison Inside Me" facility hosts stressed out workers and students who are willing to spend 24 hours in solitary confinement. There's a ban on any kind of communication including cell phones, clocks, or even mirrors, and customers say the solitude allows them to get away from their busy lives. South Korea has an infamously demanding academic and work culture. That doesn't appear to be a good thing as the country's suicide rate is double that of the U.S., and one of the highest in the world. Co-founder Noh Ji-Hyang says part of the inspiration for the mock prison came from her husband, a local prosecutor who often worked about 100 hours per week. She added, "At first people say it would be stuffy to be in a prison cell. But after their stay, they say this isn't a prison - the real prison is where they return to." Since last July, the South Korean government has cut working hours to 52 in a week, but the policy has drawn criticism that says its standards are too vague. (Reuters)

None of Them Foreigners in the White House!

A group of seventh-graders from Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands braved a snowstorm for a long-awaited bus trip to Washington DC. The bad weather and treacherous road conditions added hours to the drive and left no time for anything except their planned visit to the White House. Even lunch on the White House lawn was canceled. It gets worse. Months in advance, the school had to send the White House visitors office a list of all students and adults expected to take the tour. After making it through an initial checkpoint, Secret Service agents stopped three Henry Hudson foreign exchange students who didn't have their passports or other identification required for non-US citizens. One dad said, "They are here on visas, but they didn't bring any of that stuff. They didn't have any ID on them." So the kids were denied access. Principal Lenore Kingsmore stepped up and stayed outside in the cold with them. School board member Karen Horner said, "She was very upset. She was probably more upset than they were." The school has at least two students from Sweden and one from Colombia. Many parents were upset by the Secret Service's treatment of the youngsters. One dad said, "What are 12 -and 13-year-olds going to do? It doesn't make sense." Another said, "It's disgusting. You don't do that to children." On Facebook after the trip, the Henry Hudson Regional School District posted a group photo of the seventh graders huddled in the cold outside a White House entrance. The caption reads: "It was an experience to remember!" (New York Post)

Wuz Up Greece?

Greece has apparently outraged the world after handing down a 10-year prison to a woman for the horrific crime of altering her elementary-school record! The Hellenic League for Human Rights said, "This decision is not simply inhumane, it is another very indicative sign of permanent ailments in the criminal justice system." The good news is that various labor unions, human rights groups, and political parties have raised such a ruckus over the incident that the nation's Supreme Court plans to take a look. It seems the woman was a janitor who worked for 18 years at a state kindergarten in central Greece and was later found to have altered her school record. She claimed to have finished six years in elementary school instead of five. She initially got 15 years for defrauding the public, but that was eased this month by five years. The woman later said, "I am ashamed, but I did it for my children." She apparently took the job to support her two children and sick husband. Her lawyer has appealed to Greece's high court, where a prosecutor plans to probe "dozens" of such cases involving fake documents and prison sentences. With a petition in her name drawing nearly 40,000 signatures as of this writing, even Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' Syriza party is speaking up. Her jail sentence "offends the sense of common justice and shakes citizens' trust in the judiciary," the party says. (New York Times)

Oh Sure, Just Use My Body for Target Practice

The body of Bradley Ginn was laying on the floor of a fire station in Bellingham, Washington, while employees waited for transportation to a funeral home. And while they were waiting, apparently 11 fire department employees used Ginn's body to practice intubation, the insertion and removal of breathing tubes! The procedure was carried out without permission from Ginn's family as the fire station employees admit to doing it. A total of 12 employees were disciplined over the incident and a division chief resigned. Ginn's wife, Jai Ginn, has now filed a $15 million suit, saying she was distressed by the "intentional and negligent care of a body." Children Aurieona Ginn and Bradley Ginn Jr. are suing for $350,000 and $200,000 respectively. Ginn Jr.'s lawyer says the "reprehensible" treatment of the body occurred when Ginn's family members were trying to find him. (Newser)

What the What?

You know folks GPS isn't always right. Sometimes you actually have to use some common sense. In Pennsylvania, the Duquesne Police Department responded to a call about a vehicle driving down on the railroad tracks. When they caught up with the driver she told them "her GPS advised her to go this way." Police said, "The female was 100% sober and had no medical conditions affecting her decision-making." Her vehicle was towed from the tracks and she was cited for careless driving. (FOX News)


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