How much you love your husband may be less important than you think. So said an article in Redbook. What really makes you vulnerable? Ways to predict if you'll have an affair:

  • You work -- It provides opportunity simple because you spend 8 hours a day in close contact with men. And because women are still outnumbered by men in the workforce, they have more potential lovers.
  • One of your parents cheated -- There's a greater tendency to repeat family patterns.
  • You initiate sex with your husband -- If you're comfortable being the aggressor, then you won't have a problem coming on to someone you're interested in.
  • Your friends are having affairs -- Peer pressure!
  • You live in a big city -- Residents of small towns tend to frown on affairs. Most likely because everyone knows everyone.
  • Your husband dominates you -- An affair can be a declaration of independence.
  • You're better educated than your husband -- Perhaps because you feel more powerful.
  • You're at a transition or crisis point -- Maybe approaching your 30th birthday or whatever and you feel uncertain about the direction of your life.
  • You've just moved to a new community.
  • A parent has recently died -- This may make you feel like doing things you know your mom or dad would have disapproved of.
  • You and your husband spend a lot of time apart.
  • You have a special friendship with a man.
  • You've always been a "good girl."
  • Your husband criticizes your looks -- Many of us, especially women, judge ourselves based on how we're viewed by others. But husbands often forget to give compliments or worse,feel free to find fault.
  • You're content with your marriage -- This might cause you to believe that since you have all the love and security at home, it's okay then to have fun. You'll see sex and love as two totally different things.


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