Jaleel White -- forever to be known as Erkel -- turns 42 today. He's wearing support white socks these days. You're saying "Who?" and I'm saying "Urkel." Oh. Pretty safe bet there won't be any Oscars in his future.

The fastest rapper in the world, Twista, turns 45 today. He's been clocked at 598 syllables in 55 seconds. Then, after he's done rapping, you can put him on the floor and play a game of Twista. Left foot red.

Fisher Stevens turns 55 today. You may remember him from the movie, "Short Circuit." In fact, you'd be doing him a really big favor if you did.

JFK's only daughter, Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg and the only surviving member of that White House family, celebrates her 61st birthday today.

Bill Nye the Science Guy carbon dates to 63 today. I always thought he should have his own brand of cookies, Experi-mint.


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