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Monday, October 1, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1207 King Henry III of England (1216-72)
   In 1730 Attorney, Richard Stockton (signed the Declaration of Independence)
   In 1781 American naval hero, James Lawrence ("Don't give up the ship!")
   In 1832 Caroline Harrison, first wife of U.S. president Benjamin Harrison
   In 1865 French composer, Paul Abraham Dukas (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
   In 1881 Industrialist, William Edward Boeing (founded Boeing Aircraft)
   In 1890 Actor, Stanley Holloway (My Fair Lady, Our Man Higgins)
   In 1896 Actor/comedian, Ted Healy (originated the Three Stooges)
   In 1903 Actor, George Coulouris (Citizen Kane, King of Kings) [d: 4-25-89]
   In 1903 Classical pianist, Vladimir Horowitz [d: 11-5-89]
   In 1910 Bank robber, Bonnie Parker (Bonnie & Clyde) [d: 5-23-34]
   In 1911 Bandleader, Irwin Kostal (The Sound of Music) [d: 11-23-94]
   In 1913 Conductor, Charles Grean (Quentin's Theme-Dark Shadows) [d: 12-20-03]
   In 1920 Actor, Walter Matthau (The Odd Couple, Grumpy Old Men) [d: 7-1-00]
   In 1921 Actor, James Whitmore (Temperature's Rising, Tora! Tora! Tora!) [d: 2-6-09]
   In 1924 16th U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, William Rehnquist [d: 9-3-05]
   In 1922 Chinese physicist, Chen Ning Yang (Nobel-1957) (96)
   In 1924 39th U.S. president, James Earl Carter II  (1977-81) (94)
   In 1926 Country singer/pianist, Roger Williams [d: 10-8-11]
   In 1927 Actor, Tom Bosley (Happy Days, Father Dowling Mysteries) [d: 10-19-10]
   In 1928 Actor/director, Laurence Harvey (The Magic Christian) [d: 11-25-73]
   In 1928 Actor, George Peppard (The Blue Max, A-Team) [d: 5-8-94]
   In 1930 Actor/singer, Richard Harris (Camelot, Unforgiven) [d: 10-25-02]
   In 1932 Blues singer/guitarist, Albert Collins [d: 11-24-93]
   In 1934 Singer, Geoff Stephens (Winchester Cathedral) (84)
   In 1935 Actress, Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music) (83)
   In 1936 Astronaut, Charles G. Fullerton (STS-3, 51F) [d: 8-21-13]
   In 1936 American ballet dancer, Edward Villella (82)
   In 1938 Actress, Stella Stevens (Ben Casey, Flamingo Road) (80)
   In 1939 Golfer, George Archer (Masters, 1969) [d: 9-25-05]
   In 1942 Singer, Herb Fame (Peaches & Herb) (76)
   In 1943 Saxophonist, Jerry Martini (Sly & the Family Stone) (75)
   In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Scott McKenzie (San Francisco) [d: 8-18-12]
   In 1944 Singer, Herbert "Tubo" Rhoad (The Persuasions) [d: 12-8-88]
   In 1945 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Rod Carew (Twins, MVP-1977) (73)
   In 1945 Singer/keyboardist, Donny Hathaway (Where Is The Love) [d: 1-13-79]
   In 1947 Actor, Stephen Collins (Star Trek The Movie, Seventh Heaven) (71)
   In 1948 Singer, Michael "Cub" Koda (Brownsville Station) [d: 7-1-00]
   In 1948 Singer, Mariska Veres (Venus-Shocking Blue) [d: 12-2-06]
   In 1950 Actor/comedian, Randy Quaid (Bye Bye Love, Independence Day) (68)
   In 1951 Singer/guitarist, Brian Greenway (April Wine) (67)
   In 1953 U.S. track athelete, Grete Waitz (Olympic-Silver-1984) [d: 4-19-11]
   In 1955 Singer, Howard Hewett (Shalamar) (63)
   In 1958 Saxophonist, Martin Cooper (OMD) (60)
   In 1960 Actress, Elizabeth Dennehy (Guiding Light) (58)
   In 1962 Actor, Esai Morales (Bad Boys, La Bamba) (56)
   In 1963 Actress, Beth Chamberlin (Guiding Light) (55)
   In 1963 Baseball player, Mark McGwire (70 home runs in 1998) (55)
   In 1965 Actor, T.W. King (Inspector Andy Trudeau-Charmed) (53)
   In 1965 Model/actress, Cindy Margolis (53)
   In 1968 Guitarist, Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra) (50)
   In 1968 Actor, Jay Underwood (The Boy Who Could Fly) (50)
   In 1969 Actor, Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Dinner For Schmucks) (49)
   In 1974 Singer, Keith Duffy (Boyzone) (44)
   In 1974 Actress, Sherri M. Saum (Sunset Beach, One Life To Live) (44)
   In 1976 Playmate, Kona Carmack (February-1996) (42)
   In 1980 Actress, Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy, Everwood) (38)
   In 1984 Actor, Greg Davis Jr. (10 Items or Less) (34)
   In 1984 Actor, Sam Saletta (Butch-The Little Rascals) (34)
   In 1986 Actress, Jurnee Smollett (Full House, Cosby) (32)
   In 1987 Actor, Matthew Daddario (Shadowhunters) (31)
   In 1989 Actress, Brie Larson (Raising Dad!, Captain Marvel) (29)
   In 1992 Rapper, Drew Chadwick (Emblem3) (26)
   In 1992 Singer, Myles Parrish (26)
   In 2000 Singer, Brooklyn Wyatt (RoadTrip) (18)
   In 2001 Actress, Luna Blaise (Fresh Off the Boat) (17)

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