Today's date is 10-11-18. It sounds like you never learned how to count.

Golfer Michelle Wie is shooting a 29 today. I bought her video game. Whoever said, "There is no Wie in golf," was wrong.

M.C. Lyte turns 48. All the fun of a rapper, without all the calories.

Rodeo cowboy Ty Murray turns 49. He was a 5-time Rodeo World Champion, but he only lasted six years on Jewel. (Did I really just say that?) He prefers to bust a bronc than bust a move.

Jane Krakowski known for "30 Rock" turns the big 5-0. Ironically, an actress from "50 Rock" turns 30 today.

Luke Perry celebrates birthday number 52 today. He lives in a different zip code these days called "Riverdale." He used to be known for the number 9-0-2-1-0. Now, it's the number of gray whiskers on his face.

Joan Cusack turns 56 today. Ever notice how much she and John Cusack look alike?

Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates turns 72 today.

He sings "Out of Touch" with a little more meaning these days.
The group's new name is "Hall and Fiber."
Hall was half of "Hall & Oates" and at harvest time, it's common to think of "haulin' oats."


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