In Oak Park, Michigan, they have banned kids from dressing up as clowns for the city's Halloween party.

Dorcas Reilly passed away this week at the age of 92.She was credited with invented the green bean casserole!

Parents in Colorado are upset, after a middle school Career Day, where a drag queen was among the speakers: Jessica L' Whor.

Megyn Kelly is apologizing for her question when she asked, "What is racist about dressing up in blackface for Halloween?"

A study says breathing through the nose can help people's memory.

The first "Twilight" movie is turning 10 next month.

The Abba song, "I Wonder" was cut from "Mama Mia 2," but it's making its way around YouTube
these days.

USA Today reprinted their terrible review of a certain movie from 25 years. Yes, at that time, they just didn't like "Hocus Pocus."

The Villa Italian Kitchen chain offered a free slice of pizza to anyone with a losing Mega Millions ticket yesterday.

The longest sea bridge in the world, linking Hong Kong to mainland China, opened to traffic yesterday. It's 34-miles long and took 9 years to build.

Meghan Markle had to cut her visit short to a Fiji public market because of "crown management issue." Just too many people wanted to see the Duchess.

Interesting governor's race in Nevada, where 12 relatives of the Republican candidate wrote an op-ed piece in the Reno newspaper, calling his campaign a big lie!

Mariah Carey is heading back to TV, as an adviser on season 15 of NBC's "The Voice."

New Hampshire police are looking for a suspect who poured maple syrup all over a police cruiser.

Brandy Glanville says she's thankful that no one was hurt after thieves broke into her home while she and her two sons were at home.

Jamie Lee Curtis is opening up about her opioid addiction that she said no one knew about for 10 years.

In Florida, a woman with a butterfly garden was told that she was in violation of the homeowner's association rules and claimed she was raising livestock.

In the U.K., police are on the lookout for a beer thief show who was caught on surveillance camera and is a dead-ringer for Ross from "Friends."

A suspected explosive device was discovered yesterday at the New York home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, while a suspicious package was also reportedly sent to the office of former President Barack Obama. This just days after a bomb was sent to the home of liberal philanthropist and financier George Soros at his New York home.

McDonalds is introducing some new breakfast sandwiches next week to hopefully lure you back in.

Triple Breakfast Stacks will hit menus on November 1. They're modified versions of the Egg McMuffin - and they will include two slices of American cheese, two sausage patties, bacon and an egg, The sandwiches are available on a McMuffin, biscuit, or as a McGriddle. It's their first new breakfast sandwich in 5 years.


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