Drinking Wine Daily Means You Won't Have As Many Days to Drink Wine

While there have been plenty of studies that say drinking wine in moderation is actually good for your health, new new research out of Washington University's School of Medicine suggests that daily glass of wine may not be such a good idea after all. Instead, it actually raises your risk of dying sooner. According to the study of more than 400,000 American adults, light drinkers - regardless of age - are 20 percent more likely to suffer a premature death. Author Dr. Sarah M. Hartz, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the university, says that while earlier research has claimed moderate drinking can reduce one's risk of heart disease, the benefit is overshadowed by the other damaging effects of alcohol. She points to the elevated risk of developing cancer from daily drinking, which of course, can shorten a person's lifespan. Simply put, unless your physician tells you otherwise, Hartz says it's unwise for anyone to justify a trip to the wine store with health benefits. (

Yeah, About Those Therapy Dogs

What could be better than a therapy dog to bring joy and comfort to hospitalized kids right? Hold on there cowboy. They can also bring stubborn and dangerous germs. Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore were suspicious that the dogs might pose an infection risk to patients with weakened immune systems. So they conducted some tests and discovered that kids who spent more time with the dogs were six times more likely to be infected with superbug bacteria than kids who spent less time with the animals. But the study also found that washing the dogs before visits and using special wipes while they're in the hospital took away the risk of spreading that bacteria. The results of the unpublished study were released at a scientific meeting in San Francisco. Past studies have shown dogs or other animals can ease anxiety and sadness, lower blood pressure and even reduce the amount of medications some patients need. (CBS News)

Cosby Gets Slapped Across the Face with Chicken Patty in Prison!

You know I've never been to prison but my guess is the best thing new prisoners can do is keep your head down and keep a very low profile until you get a lay of the land. Bill Cosby doesn't seem to agree and has already made enemies with his fellow prison inmates. Reportedly Cosby took a chicken patty to the face for telling a joke another inmate did not find amusing. Going on two weeks in the slammer for sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, the 81-year-old was slapped in the face with a chicken patty that was hurled towards him. Though random, this actually is not the first time within the short period that Cosby has been assaulted with food. Within minutes of arriving to his initial jail back in September, the former TV dad was allegedly slapped in the head with a stale hot dog bun. (

Sorry I Body Shamed the President... Said Stormy Daniels

It's a little late but Stormy Daniels now has regrets and thinks she went too far in her new memoir Full Disclosure when she included a graphic description of President Trump's private parts. The porn actress offered a two-page description of an alleged sexual encounter in 2006, told 60 Minutes Australia Sunday that she actually feels "pretty terrible" now that the book is out, "because, in a way, it's body shaming." She said she included the details to prove she was telling the truth, and justified it to herself by saying "this is a man who said much worse things about women multiple times. So, here's a taste of your own medicine." On Monday, Daniels told CNN that she has forgiven former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen now that he has admitted she was telling the truth when she said he arranged a $130,000 "hush money" payment on orders from Trump. On the other hand, could this simply be another stunt to get more publicity for the book? Discuss! (Newser)

Hey - Dude Wanted to Breathe Better!

Over in Russia, 41-year-old Yury Zhokhov miraculously survived inserting an 8-inch kitchen knife into his skull. He told police he was simply trying to make another hole so he could breathe better. Police in the town of Donetsk, found Zhokhov kneeling by himself in a field with a knife handle sticking out of the top of his head. The 8-inch blade was almost completely buried into his skull, but the man was fully conscious and did not appear to have sustained any serious brain damage. Zhokhov said, "My brain is not breathing, that's why the blade stuck in my head." Neurosurgeons were brought in to remove the knife and Zhokhov miraculously survived the procedure. However, doctors say that he remains in "critical" condition due to the increased risk of infection inside the brain. He'll remain in intensive care for a week, after which he will be transferred to a psychiatric facility. (Oddity Central)

For Once in His Life, Anthony Weiner Has Been a Good Boy!

Maybe for the first time in his life, Anthony Weiner is following the rules and being a good boy. The former Congressman is having his 21-month sentence for sexting with an underage girl reduced by three months for good behavior. Weiner, 54-also known by his sexting aliases "T Dog" and "Carlos Danger"-is now set to be freed May 14, 2019. (Newser)

What the What?

They say the third time's the charm and that's exactly how many times 38-year-old Christopher Hatting robbed the same Wells Fargo branch in Anchorage before finally being caught. As a result, he's been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison - four years for each robbery. Hatting pleaded guilty to three counts of bank robbery - of which he got away with a total of about $19,000. Dude - throw your life away for $19K? That works out to 18 cents an hour! (


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