On this date in 1492, Columbus sighted the isle of San Salvador. Or is that he met a guy named Sam Salvador. One of those. It was a huge day for the San Salvador Chamber of Commerce.

Richard Johnson, one of our country's earlier vice presidents, was born in 1781. As a boy, he vowed to one day become famous... but instead, he chose to be a vice president.

On this date in 1879, Georgia adopted its state flag, but shhhh... it never told the flag it was adopted.

In 1888, Thomas Edison filed for a patent on the "optical photograph" -- the motion picture.
There were some that opted to wait for the book to come out.
His first movie was called, "The Sneeze." Critics called it "exciting, but hopefully not contagious."
Shortly afterwards, he trademarked the phrase, "$8 for a bag of popcorn." He was a forward thinker.
Critics called it "jerky, poorly acted and in black and white."
Remember, his first movie showed someone sneezing. The only cost to shoot it was hiring an actor and whatever the price of pepper was at the time.

On this date in 1904, the bank of Italy opened its doors. What's the big deal? It became known as "Bank of America." Or, if you prefer, "Indigenous People's Bank."

In 1931, Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion. Like THAT was the worst thing he ever did.

On this date in 1933, Albert Einstein arrived in the U.S., a refugee from Nazi Germany. It also marked the first time anyone ever said the phrase, "Great job, Einstein!"

In 1964, the song "She's Not There" by the Zombies entered the U.S. top 40 chart. It wasn't easy having a group called the Zombies. People kept trying to hit them in the head.

On this day in 1983, the EPA issued a report warning of the "Greenhouse Effect." Good thing we listened...

Hollywood Squares premiered way back in 1966


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