It was on this date in 1715, Peter II of Russia entered the world. Yep, it was on this day, a czar was born! On this date in 1767, the Mason-Dixon Line was created... which lead to the invention the following week of Mason-Dixon Line Dancing.

In 1842, Samuel Morse laid the first telegraph cable in New York Harbor. The first message sent was to his very dear friend: "Mr. Watson, I've been mugged!"

On this date in 1867, the U.S. took formal possession of Alaska from Russia.

Of course, the day after they got the keys, the refrigerator and the dishwasher went out.

We bought it for $7.2 million, plus tip.

The deal cost $7.2 million, which included the land and an unlimited supply of ice and was handled by Century 19 Real Estate.

In 1870, the sand-blasting machine is patented.

Finally, when bullies kicked sand on wimps at the beach, they had a way to fight back!

Before then, people had a blast but didn't know what to call it.

If you ever wanted to feel like you were at the beach during a windstorm, it was now possible.

Before that, people had to destroy their sand castles by hand.

On this date in 1922, the BBC began in England. Without it, American television would never have had the ideas to steal for most of our shows.

Thomas Edison died on this date in 1931. The light bulb finally burned out.

On this date in 1953, Willie Thrower became the first African American NFL quarterback, much to the relief of the his receiver, Willie Catchit.

In 1967, the "Jungle Book" hit movie theaters, featuring the adventures of a bear named "Baloo." The movie featured such songs as "Counting Baloo Cars," "Suite Judy Baloo Eyes" and "Baloo Hawaii."


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