On this date in 1216, King John of England died after eating too many peaches washed down with beer. Just proves what I've always said: peaches are bad for you.

In 1781, British troops surrendered at Yorktown ending the Revolutionary War. Suddenly, red coats were out.

The Star Spangled Banner was sung publicly for the first time at the Halliday Theater in Baltimore way back in 1814. Immediately afterwards, someone yelled out, "Play ball!" which was strange, since baseball hadn't been invented yet. 

On this date in 1859, Wilhelm Tempel discovered diffuse nebula around Pleid star Merope. Reaction was the same all around the world: "Huh?"

In 1872, the world's largest gold nugget was found in New South Wales. It was the loudest anyone ever said the word, "Mine!"

On this date in 1874, the very first wedding ever to take place in a hot balloon occurred over Cincinnati, Ohio. Sadly, three people perished going for the bouquet.
Things were going great until the groom decided to carry the bride over the threshold. So sad.
Things went really well until they went to leave down the aisle.
The bride said she felt like she was on a cloud, but she had to come down some time.
Unfortunately, the groom was in such a rush to get to the honeymoon, he fell to his death.
No chance of a runaway bride at that one. Yes, their honeymoon plans were up in the air.

In 1879, Thomas Edison perfected his invention of the light bulb. Unfortunately, it was during the daytime, so not as impressive as it would have been at night. Some of the earlier versions wouldn't work and then all of a sudden, a light bulb came on!

Time to play "Who Invented It?" Ready? Lets play.
Gas Burner (1855) Weisbach, Bunsen *** or Edison
Tupperware (1945) Tupper ***, Hewitt or Hoffman
Microphone (1877) Taylor, Edison or Berliner ***
Polaroid Camera (1948) Eastman, Land *** or Braun
Dynamite (1866) Carrier, Browning or Nobel ***
Revolver Pistol ((1836) Colt ***, Maxim or Browning
Stock Ticker (1870) Edison ***, Marconi or Bell
Frozen Food (1924) Birdseye ***, Edison or Sperry
Gasoline Automobile (1889) Daimler ***, Duryea or Bosch
Neon Lamp (1909) Edison, Claude *** or Braun

On this date in 1953, Julius LaRosa, a regular on the CBS television program "Arthur Godfrey Time," was fired on the air by Godfrey... years before Donald Trump fired people for entertainment.

In 1998, the U.S. Government opened its antitrust case against Microsoft, which is about the time my computer started acting up.


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