Pretty much a third of the way through October already. Scotty McCreery turns 25 today. He was the 10th American Idol winner, back in the days when Paula Abdul was paid in champagne. The kid has such a low voice, he has to take off his socks to clear his throat.

Zachery Ty Bryan, the oldest kid on "Home Improvement" (Brad) turns 37 today. He's very busy these days, waiting for the announcement there will be a reunion show.

Sean Lennon -- John and Yoko's kid -- turns 43 today. Of course, Sean grew up to become known as John and Yoko's kid. I feel sorry for him every Mother's Day... .

Chicago Bears legend Mike Singletary hits the big 6-0 and I'm imagining, hitting it really hard. I mean, back in his day, he was a one-man Legion of Boom

Golfer Annika Sorenstam turns 48 today. In the spirit of the occasion, we're not going to make any caddy comments.

Tony Shalhoub turns 65. He's a good person, but he's no monk. Oh, wait... he was! Hey, hey, he's a Monk...

Sharon Osbourne turns 66 today. I cut her an incredible amount of slack. Can you imagine being married to Ozzy?

Hopefully, Ozzie will come within a month of guessing when her birthday is.
She plans to spend a quiet night at home with Ozzie until he panics and blurts out, "Oh, my God -- the cake is on fire!"
She hopes to just stay at home tonight with Ozzie and the kids and have a normal birthday. She's hoped that every year... it's never normal.
Jackson Browne turns the big 7-0 today. He was most famous for "Runnin' on Empty," but these days, so is everyone in California.


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